Transition Network is helping to bring about positive change in the world.  We know that this work doesn’t just happen “out there”, but is rooted in and supported by everything we do to care for ourselves, for each other and for our organisation.    

We believe that how we go about things is just as important as what we do, so we pay lots of attention to our internal structures, processes and relationships.  For an organisation whose purpose is to catalyse and support a grassroots movement, it’s not always straightforward to define who is part of our team.  One of our key relationships is with the evolving network of Transition Hubs that support and catalyse Transition in various countries across the world.  It’s fantastic to experience the deeper connections and new possibilities that arise as Transition Network and the International Hubs Group together develop collective governance arrangements and try out innovative ways of sharing power and information.

Making the shift towards a more a healthy, creative collaborative culture is challenging.  All of us can find it difficult to fully open our hearts and minds to change and we bring with us many unhelpful assumptions, behaviours and practices from our previous working lives.  When we experiment with new processes and seek to create levels of openness and trust rarely experienced in mainstream organisations, we’re often working at the edges of our personal comfort zones.  We try to take this gently!

One question that we live and work with constantly is how to respond in a healthy way to the tension between, on one side, the huge urgency of our work and the scale of the change so desperately required and, on the other side, the need to take time to develop strong relationships and a healthy, reflective culture rather than relentlessly drive ourselves and others to act. Inner Transition practices and thinking really support us with this.

Difficult as it can be, we find this stuff deeply rewarding.  We’re discovering that we can bring our ‘whole selves’ to work and benefit from hugely nourishing connections within and beyond our immediate team.  We achieve things through creative collaboration that we would never have imagined individually, we think we’re becoming more responsive as an organisation and we definitely getting more skilled at identifying and addressing areas of potential conflict.  We are increasingly linked to other groups, organisations and movements who are experimenting along similar lines and we feel privileged and excited to be part of what we believe is potentially a critical paradigm shift.