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Amatrice Regeneration - rebuilding resilience after the Central Italy earthquake

By Deborah Rim Moiso: My story with Transition seems to be fraught with disaster. The first event I ever took part in, in 2009, was a workshop training on Open Space Technology organised by Transition Italia, the Italian hub of Transition Network, together with the facilitation school Genius Loci. This happened only a few days after the March 2009 earthquake in the city of L’Aquila, which killed 309 people and destroyed the entire city centre. L’Aquila had been the third initiative in Italy to officially join the Transition movement, just a few months before the earthquake. 

Marie-Monique Robin on her new film 'Qu'est-ce qu'on attend' ('What are we waiting for?')

Marie-Monique Robin is a French filmmaker.  She produced the seminal film and book ‘The World According to Monsanto’, and more recently Good Old Growth’, a critique of economic growth.  She has just completed a new film, 'Qu’est-ce qu’on attend‘ (‘What are we waiting for?’) which tells the story of Ungersheim in north-eastern France, a story we have reported here before, and which was one of our 21 Stories.  To mark the launch of the film, I spoke to Marie-Monique by Skype, and started by asking why she chose to make a film about Ungersheim.

The meaning of Brexit? It’s the movement

By Jay Tompt: The Prime Minister says, “Brexit means Brexit,” and the critics guffaw and 'mansplain' the nonsense of it. But surely, its meaning is precisely what's being contested in this historical moment. All the forces are at work, jostling to fill the media with their frames, theories, and policy recommendations. Who knows what boardroom schemes are being hatched behind the scenes? Land, food, new economics—these budding movements cannot sit on the sidelines and wait to see where the chips fall. It's the titanic struggle to put the stamp on what's next. It makes for exhilarating times. Hegel would be peeing his pants. 

Celebrating the life of Dr. David Fleming.

Last night at Schumacher College, Shaun Chamberlin presented an event celebrating the life of Dr.

Mallorca: Island of Possibilities

Mallorca, until 30 years ago, was what you might think of as a ‘Transition Island’.  Largely self-sufficient in food, this beautiful place, the largest of the Balearic islands, with its 5 distinct bioregions, features lemon trees, vineyards, avocadoes, olives and enough similar delicious tree-based produce to leave this particular UK-based permaculturist feeling rather jealous.  In more recent years though, much of this has been brushed aside by mass tourism, which has become the island’s monoculture.  The island’s population of around three quarters of a million people is swollen every summer by the addition of around 9.5 million tourists. 

A flying ('training'?) visit to Barcelona

I’ve never been to Barcelona before and I had wanted to visit the city for many years.  So imagine how frustrating it was to only be able to visit this beautiful city for about 9 hours!  I had a great time, met some great people, and saw some beautiful sites, but it was just a taste, and it definitely left me wanting more.

When bottom-up action takes its place at the table.

Last week I was in Brussels at the invitation of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).  The EESC is an extraordinary group which is part of the EU institutions: it gives advice on policy issues and new legislation to the European Parliament, Council and Commission. On October 5th they held a day-long conference called ‘Designing the framework for bottom-up climate action’.  The conference built on a recent ‘Opinion’ which they published, entitled ‘Coalition to deliver commitments of the Paris Agreement’.  It’s a vital piece of work, and really worth a read. 

Docteur Who? A dazzling day in Namur.

Regular readers will recall that I visited Namur in Belgium a couple of years ago, and gave a sold-out-weeks-in-advance talk at the University which I will always remember as one of the loveliest and most delightful I’ve ever done.  I was invited back, as a guest of the University, because they wanted to award Doctor Honoris Causas to Melanie Laurent, Cyril Dion (producers of the film 'Demain') and I.  It was an exhausting, but delightful day.

At Veep Debate Mike Pence Emerges as the Ted Bundy of Politics

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