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Blogs from Transition Network staff, Transition Social Reporters from around the UK, Transition US and Transition Voice.

Emerging a new Culture: exploring new ingredients.

Inner Transition Coordinator, Claire Milne, shares about the Cultural Emergence Leadership Training she recently participated in and the promise it holds for those of us longing to support our groups, communities, family or organisations to u

From Burnout to Balance: Co-creating cultures of collective and self-care

Inner Transition Coordinator, Claire Milne, shares about Transition Network's new workshop offering support for those feeling the edge of burnout.

Light posting during August

As is the tradition here at, we're taking it easy over August, reacharging our batteries, and trying to model being an organisation that takes its being as importantly as its doing.  So there may be things posted here during the month, but not much.  We hope you get to do some good things, take some time in nature, spend time with friends and family.

What I submitted to the Museum of Fossil Fuels

The wonderful Happy Museum just opened an online Museum of Fossil Fuels, which they introduce like this: "We invite you to ponder what object would best represent the shift from our fossil fuel dominated present to a more sustainable future and donate it to our new virtual museum.  Objects can be large and historically significant or small and personally resonant.  The virtual nature of the museum means size, scale, ownership and care of the object are not an issue so let your imagination go!".  So I did.  

The EU wants to block Romania's 51% local food shift. Who cares?

Amid all the mayhem and turmoil of recent weeks, here's a news story you may have missed.  The Romanian parliament unanimously passed an amendment to the country's "Law on the Sale of Food Products" bill which states that every large supermarket in the country must ensure that 51% of the fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, honey, dairy products and baked goods they stock are "locally sourced".  As a demonstration of how enlightened policymaking can unlock Transition, it's an eye-catching and paradigm-shifting piece of legislation.  But is it legal, and, actually, does that matter anyway?

A new way of introducing Open Space

Today we are going to share with you a great exercise that was created for the 2015 Transition Network Conference at Seale Hayne in Devon.  On the second day we did a big Open Space event, which was introduced by Maggie Seeley from Transition Alberquerque in New Mexico.  Rather than the standard way of explaining Open Space, which you may well have done, Maggie and a group of Transition Trainers developed a different way of explaining it, based on how a flight crew gives passengers safety instructions and information about the flight.  Maggie has kindly allowed us to post the script they used to do it.  

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