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Transition for tribal communities in Orissa, India

Transition Training Empowering Tribal Communities in Orissa

MayEastIt was summer 2013 and wasn't sure I was hearing right.

Scaling up internationally

Scaling up – next week, the world!


This is a little tale of the spread of Transition internationally. We think it’s a relevant story for Transitioners because of the parallels that happen across all sorts of levels of scale.

Transition in a corporate setting, in Brazil

Change makers program - How to help your workers transition to a more resilient and happy life by connecting them to their own purpose.

by Monica G. Picavea from Transition Brazil and Transition Sao Paulo.

Here in Sao Paulo in Brazil, our ChangeMakers Program, (I’d love to call it “Transition in Organisations”)  helps mainstream enterprises transition to a more resilient and more sustainable way of operating. Our small Brazilian business, Oficina da Sustentabilidade, developed this program inspired by Transition Towns Movement1, the Gaia Education Curriculum2, and Permacultural3 concepts.

Ben's International blog #1: the early days


During the month of October, Rob is over in the US, catalysing, rabble-rousing and inspiring change in the way only Rob can do. In the meantime, I've taken on the role of "Site Editor" for this month, and the theme is "International". Rob's a hard writing act to follow. To call him prolific would be like calling an arctic tern a "prolific flyer" or the earthworm a "prolific burrower" - they just wake up in the morning and start doing it. Still, follow I must...<--break-><--break->

Junk Raft Armada in Spain

Where fun, water, "rubbish" and flotation devices meet...

Junk Raft Armada afloat

Transition in Amazonian communities

A report from Transition Trainer, May East, after a training in Amazonas, Brazil

We'd never claim that Transition is universally applicable, but there's plenty of evidence that it's highly adaptable to different places and cultures.

Letter from UK Transitioner: "what Transition has done for me"

The Transitioner below articulated rather wonderfully something we hear quite a lot from people - that getting involved in a Transition Initiative gives them a sense of place and purpose that had previously been lacking.

Living through the petroleum bubble

Robert Bateman, who is part of the Salt Spring Island Transition Group in British Columbia in Canada, sent in an essay that we thought some people might find interesting.

Robert was born in the 1930's, so has lived through WWII and the rise of the Age of Petroleum.

Dentistry in a time of energy descent

An earlier blog post by Ben Brangwyn, from the dim distant past of 2007

There is a deafening silence from the world of dentistry on the subject of Peak Oil. As we move into the era that marks the end of cheap and abundant fossil fuels, all healthcare systems will need to adapt to the ensuing constraints, dentistry included.

A Transition Hub for Israel?

Helping connect Israel and Palestine peacefully through transition

By: Deborah Heifetz, Ph.D.

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