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Conference 2011's blog

Why create a socially just Transition write up

Why create a socially just Transition?

Beyond conflict workshop write up

Notes from Transition Conference 2011 workshop Beyond Conflict,

led by Laurie Michaelis


(Notes by Isabel Carlisle who acted as clerk) 

Evaluation workshop notes

Resilience Indicators for Food:

  • Number of allotments/ food growing areas
  • Number of local farm shops/ farmers markets
  • Number of community farms/ city farms
  • Food miles
  • Organic vs Food miles
  • Local history of food production
  • X tonnes of fish caught locally vs sold locally
  • Fife diet and Edinburgh diet – regional measurement o

Tails of the unexpected

It was Steph’s idea to dress up as storytellers. Come on, she said, we can wear hats.

I didn’t want to wear a hat. I look stupid in hats. So I made a tail, a fantastic tail (a tale in its own right as someone said) because no one, of course, looks stupid in a tail.

Bit of a sing song at open mike

Well, we all like a good sing song, don't we? Open Mike night; here seen turning into a big singalong! 

Conference reflection from Charlotte Du Cann

One thing I learned from plants, I said to Dan as we headed home to Suffolk and resumed our discussion about roadside herbs, is that whatever you experience in the company of the plant that is the medicine. What makes the medicine is the looking back on that experience afterwards, the dialogue you hold about it and the story you then tell the world.

Economy business and social enterprise theme session write up

The economy, business and social enterprise theme session started off by sharing success stories such as Sustaining Dunbar and 9carrots in Birmingham amongst several others!  We then split to smaller groups to discuss specific topics.

Scaling up hot topic report

I thought the ‘Scaling Up’ Hot Topic was a brilliant generation of ideas and mutually understanding where we now need to be moving. Some of these thoughts of entrepreneurship, cooperative business and moving projects forward seemed to be on the surface with people.

Rob Hopkins reflections

We had a great few days at Hope University in Liverpool.  This will not be an attempt at a complete document of that event, you will find the most comprehensive record over at the Transition Network’s conference feed.  What I am going to share, with links to some of the key pieces of media from that feed, is some of

Report on the visit to the Granby Triangle

The four streets within the Granby triangle are located adjacent to Princes Park between Princes Avenue and Kingsley Road. Granby Street, originally a shopping hub, is the ‘backbone’.

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