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The Future of Food: a new Transition programme for primary schools

This is a guest blog from Marina O’Connell who runs the Apricot Centre in Essex as a small market garden and education centre. Over the last year Schools in Transition has been developing and trialling a programme for primary schools that is based on the CPRE Food Web Mapping Toolkit.

Primary schools in the watershed

Embedding in place and embedding in community are two of the strands of work for the Schools in Transition programme. The third is taking action outside the walls of the school to do some real-world problem-solving.


This guest blog is by Hayley Spann, who is a "partner" in the One Year in Transition course.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…… Coming back to being indigenous to place in the Dart Valley

We are all indigenous to place. Some place we call home now, some place we once came from, some place we may long, one day, to return to. I’m still homesick for the landscapes of my youth—the woods and fields around the houses of my grandparents in Berkshire. I can never return there, in the sense that we cannot step into the same river twice.

One Year In Transition and the power of alternatives to university

Registration for 1YT 2013-14 is now open. The cost will be £1500 for the year. 

Elders and Youngers in Transition

If you are an older person who has a yearning to be honoured as an Elder, or a young adult who is looking for a life mentor, come and join us at an event on 1 June outside Malvern in Worcestershire.

One Year in Transition: open for 2013 entry

One Year in Transition is now open to applicants starting in September of this year (2013). Our first meet-up is 23 to 29 September at Sharpham, outside Totnes in Devon. As well as workshops that land you in Transition, and introduce you to storytelling and being in Nature, you design the shape of your own learning and the group designs the shape of the year.

The Great Green Gathering at Crispin School

On the Thursday before Christmas (a very wet day in the West Country) I headed off to Street in Somerset to attend a Great Green Gathering at Crispin School. Crispin is in the Schools in Transition pilot that started in the autumn.

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