Addressing burnout sits firmly within the territory of Inner Transition.

How to create a balance between work and rest, give and take, activity and stillness?

Both aspects of these polarities are essential in human life and without both we become stuck, exhausted and/or perhaps despairing.

Cultivating mindfulness and self awareness supports us to move away from a tendency to simply react to a situation rather than listening to the messages our body is sending us about what we need. We can then respond to early warning signs of tiredness or stress and take appropriate action.

Self-awareness arises when we re-connect with our inner “witness” which creates more space in our experience and in turn brings us more fully into choice – rather than acting from habitual  and addictive tendencies.

Time in nature and/or other personal practices can support us to cultivate this self-awareness that helps us to both avoid and recover from burnout.


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