So often, so many of us find ourselves ‘going it alone’ – even within a group context. Having, to a large extent forgotten how to collaborate, Inner Transition reminds of the need to cultivate cultures of support that nourish and nurture us to bring our gifts and genius whilst in turn celebrating and supporting those around us and beyond.

Examples of support include:

  • Mentoring: professional or peer to peer.

Investing in or collaborating with an experienced “other” who understands the territory of unconscious processes and helps us to develop self-awareness that are simply not accessible through personal practice or peer support.

  • Self organising group support

For example such the Home Groups or Transition Circles of Totnes or Norwich.

  • Facilitated support

For example, workshops, trainings, courses, held space, conflict mediation

This can include bringing someone in to hold the space for your group members to express and share emotions including despair, fear, pain, anger, grief, sadness (e.g. sharing circles, the Work that Reconnects, Grief Rituals).