In August 2016, a small group of Transition National Hub members and Transition Network staff volunteered their time to develop the Municipalities in Transition Project, which aims to create a clear framework for how Transition groups and municipalities can create sustainable change together, tested in three (or more) pilot partnerships between Transition Hubs and municipalities over the years 2017-2018. An initial funding proposal was successful to start a multi-step project that will be completed within two years.  Final details of the project can be found here Municipalities in Transition.

The main activities are to collate and assess existing experiences to co-designing an agreed framework and set of tools to support the transition process; to test and refine the agreed framework in pilot areas to develop a shared evidence base; and to reach out to decision-makers, funders and potential new partners to replicate successful learnings and frameworks.

We are delighted to announce that Ana Huertas is the Project Lead and has started recruiting her team. AnaHuertas is a facilitator for social change and community resilience. She has a professional background in international cooperation for development, sustainable agriculture, holistic education and gender issues. A trained Permaculture teacher and course facilitator for the Transition Movement, she has designed and delivered high-quality courses related to Sustainability and Community Building in countries like Spain, Canada, France, Morocco, Bolivia and Argentina. She has also conducted research on ecology, climate change, and urban and rural social resilience. She now coordinates the Municipalities in Transition project in collaboration with Transition Network and a group of Transition Hubs.

We will be keeping you updated on the project’s progress at appropriate points as it develops.

The three roles we are currently seeking are:

Role: Analyst

The Analyst will lead on the mapping of current activity in this field, drawing out most interesting case studies, tools, etc., as well as developing and implementing a monitoring & evaluation framework. This role will coordinate the knowledge base from which the prototype framework for municipal transition will be designed, to then be tested in the pilot countries.

Role: Municipalities lead

 The Municipalities lead will contribute to the design, development and delivery of project activities and resources with an understanding of the context we work in. The person selected will be the main support for pilots on the ground, exploring how the proposed process of change can take place in systems that are not designed to handle it.

Role: Pedagogy lead

The Pedagogy lead will focus on the sharing and co‐creation of knowledge and catalysing effective cooperation within the team, the wider Transition Hubs network and beneficiaries. The candidate will promote the sharing and dissemination of knowledge within and beyond the scope of the project, being proactive and imaginative to propose capacity-building activities and methodologies.

The full application information can be found in this document: Municipalities in Transition – Core Team Recruitment (3)