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Exoticism White Crater High King of North Sumatra, Indonesia

North Sumatra province has a beauty of Lake Tobanya tourism is very popular in Indonesia and the world. But in North Sumatra there are sights of exotic Indonesian society is not so informed. His name White Crater High King, that if in West Java have Ciwidey White crater. But the beauty of the White Crater High King did not lose the White crater Ciwidey Bandung, West Java and Lake Toba.


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high white crater rajaObyek this tour is not terekplorasi well, located in the middle of forest tall trees make these attractions are not very well known. White Crater High King found in nature reserves covering an area of 176 hectares and possess the crater of 4 hectares of land is like a pearl in the mud. Can not be trusted in the middle of the forest cover and the road to get to the crater that is not so smooth are awesome beauty, visitors will be enchanted by the beauty of white limestone hills and hot water flow keindahanya white resembling snow. sumatra tours


Hot springs reaching temperatures of around 90 degrees centigrade White Crater High King is derived from the small hills in the area, so that the hot water was able to boil an egg to mature. The flow of hot water flowing between limestone rocks berundak steps, these events make the rocks became white as snow. Most people call it the Snow Heat.


source high white crater Sumatran king, two places that can be visited in the area's attractions. The first is a limestone hill which is traversed by the flow of hot water that makes these rocks into beautiful eyes, there is also the beauty of the natural carpet formed from the mossy stream that bypassed the hot water makes the rocks like a whitish-green carpet. Above there is also a natural pond is not big enough berluas issuing hot springs bubbling from the bottom of the pool visible, which of course, visitors are prohibited from bathing in the area. The flow of hot water through the bushes and trees that dries gathered together to form a blue-green lakes are very beautiful.


white river high crater Sumatran king utaraTempat both are under the cliffs. Here visitors can enjoy or drenched in water. There is a cool streams and waterfalls flowing from the hill above make this a destination place to soak after visitors to enjoy the beauty of hot water above. The hot springs are believed to contain sulfur which is good for skin health when used for bathing or just to wash the limbs.



White Crater High King is located in the village of Dolok High King, District Glare Kahean, which is located at the end corners Simelungun District, North Sumatra. sumatra travel



There are three routes that can is passed by to till into the crater area White High King

Medan - Lubukpakam - Galang - Dolok King High

Masihul - Nagori Dolok - Dolok High King

Medan - Lubukpakam - Galang - Bangun Purba - Dolok High King

All have the same mileage is 80-90 km premises within 3-4 hours from the city of Medan, North Sumatra.



Because the place is remote and far away from the city, there were no inns or hotels in the area tersebut.dan when would bring lunch to feed themselves, because it is rare food stalls in this tourist attraction.

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