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The Roots of White Supremacy Are In Our Bodies – Part Two

This is the second blog from guest editor Madelanne Rust-D’Eye. Read her first, The Roots of White Supremacy are in Our Bodies. The Unthought Known This is the second in a series of articles that explore why practicing embodiment – that is, slowing down and looking at the moment-by-moment ways we experience and relate to our bodies […]

Dreaming of Eternity: three days in the Ruhr Valley

By Rob Hopkins – originally posted on The Ruhr valley region in Germany is a fascinating metaphor of the fossil fuel age, a really thought-provoking taste of its legacy and what might come next.  The Ruhr is the largest urban area in Germany, and was one of Germany’s main coal-mining areas, the coal that […]

European day of Sustainable Communities

Tomorrow, Friday 22nd September, is the launch conference of the European Day of Sustainable Communities. Transition Network partner Ecolise,  are delighted to have a full house (over 200 people!) registered. Please note that you can join the conference via the webstream from 9-13h CET.

Creativity, Art and Migration

In the second instalment from Raquel and Daniel, our Portuguese based guest editors interview fellow Transitioner Lynn van Leerzem from the Netherlands, exploring how creativity, art and theatre improvisation can integrate people in a multicultural environment. They also discuss how Portugal is a choice for Dutch expats for a more sustainable lifestyle, closer to nature and to themselves. Really […]

Grief: The Great Changemaker

It is wonderful to announce our second monthly Guest Editor – Kate Duva of Prosocial Power Kate joins us over this northern hemisphere summer from Chicago, where her busy schedule is starting to slow down to give her some time to breathe and share her work, thoughts and ideas.  This week she brings a discussion […]

Exploring Sustainable Worlds through Migration

It is wonderful to welcome our second Guest Editors – this time from Portugal, Raquel Ribeiro and Daniel Pinheiro, a couple who document stories of migration, particularly to their local area in Portugal, as well as examine the implications of migration and sustainable living. You can find their blog here. Here are two short videos […]

Weaving our inner selves together

Our first Guest Editor Steph Blom, weaves her stories together here in her last post with us.  It has been a lovely and gentle beginning to our series and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Steph.  Do take the time to follow her work on her blog here and share your thoughts […]

Recognition and acceptance through connection, words and making

Guest Editor Steph Blom joins us again, sharing  a love of words, connection and self-recognition through her work with womens’ circles. A few years ago I went to my first womens’ circle. At the time I had no idea what I was going to. Even though the experience felt quite alien to me, at the […]

The power of connection with self

Our July Guest Editor Steph Blom brings us her second interview, this time with Janneke, a women’s coach in the Netherlands who works along the themes of what it means to be a woman, embodiment, sensuality, self-confidence, energy, desires, love and spirituality. She gives trainings to groups of women about celebrating your women-ness. I contacted her […]

Municipalities Project invite you to harvest

Ana Huertas, Project Coordinator of the Municipalities Project, invites Transition Initiatives to harvest their experience and examples of successful collaborations with their local Municipality. Dear Transitioners, I am writing on behalf of the Municipalities in Transition Core Circle to invite you to participate in the first stage of our mapping process. We need your support! Please […]

Inspirational Wise Woman Interviews

In this second post in our Guest Editor series, Steph Blom interviews Odete, an inspiration to Steph at an important moment in the journey of this project. I interviewed Odete, the grandmother of my friend Catarina. Odete was born in Angola, and later on moved to Lisbon, where she still lives. She has an expressive face […]

Connecting with our Inner Wise Woman

Introducing Stephanie Blom, our first Guest Editor, who joins us from Spain.  She has been exploring the relationship between our own inner elder and what we can learn from our own wisdom.  Please join me in welcoming Steph to the Transition Network blog, by watching, sharing and commenting below. This project started in Argentina, where […]

Experimental Community Organising – Transition Hungary

The first in a series of posts from Transition Hungary – Stories collected over the last few months. Grab a cuppa and join us: Tracey Wheatley shares the nuts and bolts of Transition Hungary – a community organising and working together for a better future. Ask most people and they’ll say that local community organising […]

Meet your 2017 Guest Editors!

Ainslie Beattie introduces you to the 12 Guest Editors who will be exploring life, transition, disasters, nuclear energy, and finding your inner (and outer) voice!

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