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Stepping Up and Reaching Out – Themes and Roles

Regional networks help groups to create a larger narrative and vision for a region with more impact and increased possibilities for positive change.

Stepping Up and Reaching Out – Thriving and Barriers

In this third blog, sharing experiences from workshops in England and Wales about regional networks, we reflect on what we know helps groups to thrive.

Bee Roadzz

Transition Marlborough wanted to help save the bees so they started joining up landscapes to connect pollinators and people.

Stepping Up and Reaching Out – Regional Networks Guides

We are proud to introduce our new Regional Networks Guide and Workshop Facilitation Guide, both developed through a series of workshops and collaborations between Transition Network and English Transitioners.

Le Pacte pour la Transition (Transition Pact)

Sustainable St Albans Week 2018

You know that feeling where you want to sit down, kick off your shoes and let someone else get on and do the work?  Impossible, right? … We all know there is only a few of us to go round.   Well, after one too many dispiriting meetings our little Transition St Albans group decided to […]

Transitioning Abroad: Migration in Latin America

Our guest editors Raquel Ribeiro and Daniel Pinheiro document stories of migration, particularly to their local area in Portugal, as well as examine the implications of migration and sustainable living. You can find their blog here. In this, their fourth blog, they met Isabela and Anhai earlier this year, on the International Transition Network Hubs Gathering.  

My Personal Burnout Audit

In her framing editorial for our theme of burnout and balance, Sophy Banks asked: “What should leaders in our groups and our movement be modelling to show that well being and balance are more important than always doing? To model that it’s not acceptable to override one’s health to give a bit more, again and […]