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In Transition 2.0

In Transition 2.0 logoYou can now order the DVD here, orders start shipping at the end of this week!

Caspar Walsh reviews ‘In Transition 2.0′ for Positive News

"In Transition 2.0 takes the viewer through an emotional journey that effectively charts the evolution of the movement from its humble origins in Kinsale, Ireland, to an international movement that now attracts the attention of politicians and world leaders."

"There has been a remarkable evolution in the Transition movement over the last four years, since the first film, In Transition 1.0, was released. In Transition 2.0 has a much deeper emotional thread running through and on several occasions I was moved to tears."

"The film left me with a feeling that this is a vital contribution to the world’s current financial and political climate – and of course the environmental climate itself. The time is clearly right for the Transition movement and this film reveals that a critical mass of people wanting change has been reached."

"In Transition 2.0 shows us that anything is possible if we work together both locally and globally. The incredible journey continues."

Following the recent very successful previews of ‘In Transition 2.0′ in the communities who featured in the film, we are proud how it will be released to the world over the next few months. There are various elements to this, the Website, The Guardian Open Weekend screening, the DVD, and Organising Screenings. Let’s start with the first one:

The Website

So, firstly, we are delighted to welcome the new website into the world! It features a blog which will bring all the latest news about the film, background information, reviews, a list of upcoming screenings, and a secure online shop where you can order the DVD. It is bright and colourful and easy to navigate. It will be regularly updated with news and stories, so visit it often and keep up with developments (you can also subscribe to its RSS feed to be kept up to date, or follow the film on Twitter @intransitionmov). You can also post your comments and reviews of the film.

The Guardian Open Weekend screening

We are delighted to announce a high profile screening of the film which takes place on Saturday March 24th at the Guardian Open Weekend in London, UK; an event they describe as 'a festival of ideas, innovation and entertainment'. It will be introduced on the evening by The Guardian’s environment correspondent John Vidal, and Rob Hopkins and the film’s producer Emma Goude will be there too. 


We have made a beautifully packaged DVD (in PAL format) of the film, in full colour, yet entirely compostable packaging. You can either order single copies, or Transition initiatives will be able to buy DVDs in bundles of 20 or 50, at a very good discount, to sell at their screenings and other events. Those orders can be made here, and when you’ve ordered, if you are planning a screening, make sure you enter it in the list so people know about it!  We aim to start shipping as soon as we get them in stock, which will be the third weekend of March.

Organising screenings

From April 1st, the film will be available for screenings by schools, TV channels, community groups, businesses, festivals, football clubs, on oil rigs, government cabinet meetings or universities. We have set up an easy-to-use licence fee calculator which will ask you a few of quick questions. This will hopefully mean that organising a screening, while also supporting Transition Network and ensuring that there will be an ‘In Transition 3.0′ couldn’t be simpler. You’ll also still be able to buy DVDs in bulk to sell at your event.

View the website at »

Update 29/3/2012 - The NTSC fomart version of the film is now available for pre-order from Transition US.
Visit their site to order a NTSC version of the DVD ».

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