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Blogs from Conference 2012

Transition Network Conference 2012

A collection of stories from the Social Reporters, blogs, and reports from the Transition Network UK Conference 2012.

Presentation from the potential of Localism to unlock Transition workshop

A presentation from the 'The potential of Localism to unlock Transition' workshop held at the Transition Network Conference.

Dave Chapman presented on the new powers that the recent Localism Act and the changes to the planning system in England and Wales potentially give to Transition initiatives. (scroll to the bottom of the full article to download the presentation as a PDF)

Presentations from the Bringing Power to the People: starting your own community renewable energy project workshop

Four presentations from the 'Bringing Power to the People: starting your own community renewable energy project' workshop held at the Transition Network Conference

The session was presented by Chris Rowland of OVESCO, Peter Capener of Bath and West Community Energy, Allan Shepherd, author of "The Home Energy Handbook", and Frank Gordon of Westmill Solar Cooperative. Chaired by Peter Lipman of Transition Network. (scroll to the bottom of the full article to download the presentations as PDF's)

How to set up a community Energy Workshop - OVESCO

Audio from the REconomy Project Day

Over on the REconomy Project website, the team have added an article with all the audio clips from the REconomy Project Day that took place on the 14th September as part of the Transition Network Conference.

Visit the REconomy Project page to listen to the audio clips ›

The Lavender Hill Mob

It's 9am and there is no one on the beach. I'm about to set out by foot, bus, train and tube to the Battersea Arts Centre on Lavender Hill and I have leapt into the sea spontaneously for a last-minute dip. I have been swimming in this sea all summer long and can hardly bear to part with this feeling of fluidity, this physical immersion in the wild elemental world.

Humans Flying, Walking Backwards into the Future and Dipping Our Feet in the Lido

The conference was intense. Ongoing formal and informal meetings, workshops, Open Space sessions and group processes with almost three hundred transitioners together for the weekend. So after my rush hour post of yesterday, I've decided to take a more mellow approach today with some abiding images of the event.

Transition Network Conference 2012 - The Week After (Part One)

My original intention was to publish one post on Saturday 22 September having had a week to assimilate some of what I experienced during this year's extraordinary Transition conference. But in order for the post not to become massive and inaccessible, I'm publishing in two (or three?) parts. This is Part One.

Young People in Transition - where we are at

A week ago Battersea Arts Centre hosted the first ever Transition Youth Symposium.

A report from the fringes

The Sunday of the Transition Network Conference 2012 turned out to be a weird old day for me. While the other 99% of the participants were creating the transition town of the future with cardboard, chalk and inspiration, I found myself wandering the empty corridors of Battersea Arts Centre, bewildered by my lack of enthusiasm for this "group process".

Conference Reflections: REconomy and other ways forward

The Transition Network Conference held a space for four plus days offering a little something for everybody: creative venue, amazing interpersonal experiences, practical knowledge, profound insights, synchronicities and incongruencies, proposals and critiques, Bacchanalian abandon, and an utterly depressing book reading. A successful event by any measure.

I heard a story about a man who nicked a telly and hid it in a bush

“Talking a load of old crap in there are they?” Danny asked.

I pondered the question for a moment.  “You know...not at all,” I replied.  “It makes a lot of sense really.  It’s pretty good stuff.”

Danny took another swig of his superlager and raised a quizzical eyebrow.  “Oh yeah?” 

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