Alan Brown

Chair of Transition Linlithgow, and member of Transition Scotland.

Tell us about your Transition initiative in 20 words: Multi-faceted community-led charity exploring new pathways to a more caring and sharing community in Linlithgow, Scotland.

What, or who, was your first encounter with Transition?  In 2008 while forming as an organisation and exploring the options in front of us, we were given an introductory presentation of the Transition Network by Eva Schonveld from PEDAL. An informative talk which inspired many to ask questions not only about Climate Change, but about Peak Oil, localisation & resilience.

What do you love about Transition?  For me, Transition is a free, open and evolving movement willing to change and full of inspiring people and groups from many different countries. It has the potential to stimulate great cultural change within society where there’s not many alternatives to growth, consumerism and inequality. The TN library of resources, books, videos and support toolkits are adaptable and motivate fresh ways of thinking and engaging with people in a world full of bureaucratic process and procedures which often tend to stifle creativity and capacity to change.

If there was one thing you would change about your journey through Transition, what would it be, and what would help you do it?  I’d have organised for many more of our members and trustees to have gone through Launch (induction) training and have done that with professional facilitation.

When you’re not doing Transition, what do you do?  Upgrading our old 1920’s house into something fit for the future with insulation, renewable energy, productive garden, etc.

What one piece of advice would you give someone new to Transition? Don’t do it alone. Bring someone or better still several people with you, be they neighbours, friends or family.  Just like going on vacation, it’s better as a shared experience. Discuss what you are learning. Open up to your emotions as you discover the dark side of Climate Change, finite carbon resources, environmental pollution, biodiversity loss etc, and the light side of opportunity, new skills, hope, harmony with nature, etc. Its a roller-coaster of a ride made all the easier with a hand to hold on the way.