aLp Pir


I was born in İstanbul in 1972 and had the privilege to study (Political Science, Philosophy and Development) and work (in Logistics, Organic Farming, Permaculture and Design) in a number of countries. My life goal is to research, practice and articulate on all stages of what makes a sound me, a fullfilling family life and a resilient food system.

My key focus areas are the art of being in flow (alone and with my family),  the research and practice of soil and ecosystem regeneration and production and delivery systems of highly nutritious foods.  My wife Cathrine and I live and work in our own organic farm in the South Western Part of Turkey, in a stunningly beautiful small town called Koycegiz in the District of Mugla, along with our three boys Kaan (2), Aydin (4) and Teo (6).

We produce over 40 varieties of citrus, 4 types of olives, varieties of healing herbs, old grains and marketable perennials organically and home deliver them throughout the western part of Turkey.  We are also engaged in exploring alternative education methods and permaculture design consulting.