Ben Brangwyn

International Development Coordinator

What you do: I help Transition expand internationally by a) catalysing new National Hubs, b) supporting existing ones with infrastructure and resources, c) responding to international enquiries and d) running international initiatives such as our “Translations Infrastructure” project.

What do you find most surprising or delightful about working in the field of Transition? I’m continually heartened by being part of a family that is applying compassion and systems thinking at all levels of scale – our natural world, our cultures, our communities, our neighbourhoods, our friends and families and our own selves – and then working with others to create positive compassionate change. Most days at work have a “wow” moment, as in “Wow, have you seen what’s happening in Belgium (or Brazil or…)?”, or “Wow, Iceland wants a Transition Training course!” or “You’ll never guess what they’re planning in Kogenei”. If only we could transplant these levels of can-do, innovation, compassion and collaboration from Transitioners into politicians…