Gerri Smyth

Gerri brings twenty years experience of the challenges of working in the commercial sector to her Transition practice. She now works in the social media sector, exploring ways to harness the internet to support collaboration and emergent ways of working.  She is also a director and tutor with the Centre for Human Ecology, with a focus on place-belonging and transformative learning.
Gerri has an MSc in Human Ecology from Strathclyde University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Development and Facilitation from Surrey University. She has just returned to Guildford, after a two year ‘sojourn’ in Edinburgh, where she was actively involved in Transition Edinburgh and where spent some time working with the Scottish national support organisation.  Her Transition interests include revitalising local economies, revolutionising how we earn our livelihoods, and re-localising  business. Gerri is also an Energy Resilient Assessment practitioner, and is keen to find ways to help initiatives to engage with the businesses in their locale.