Gil Penha-Lopes

Hi, my name is Gil, I was born in Lisbon (Portugal) and since a young age that I have been an Earth guardian. I am a father and gardener and also a biologist, with a PhD on Applied Ecology. Currently I work as a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences (University of Lisbon) on the topics of Nature-Based Design, Climate Change and Sustainability with a focus on Community-Led Initiatives. I co-founded ECOLISE in 2014 and now I support the Knowledge and Learning working group. Met the Transition movement in 2010, become a member of an initiative in 2011 and a trainer in 2012. Today I want to support Transition Research, and its integration into the trainings as well as support the academic recognition of Transition trainings.

My passion includes learning, in a group, how to redesign systems using Nature-based inspiration. My dream is to live in a co-housing project with a regenerative interaction with local communities and environment!!!