Hillevi Helmfrid


Hillevi has been a Transition trainer since 2010, delivering two launch trainings per year. She also offers the Inner Transition training and workshops in Active Hope, Enspirited Envisioning and one-year courses on Permaculture/Self-sufficiency gardening.

Professionally she has worked during two decades both in research and as a freelancing consultant with processes of change towards sustainability. She is the author of reports and articles about Peak Oil (The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry), Perceptions of Nature and Sustainability (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Action Research (Journal Systemic Practice and Action Research), Urban Agriculture (Swedish Society for Nature Conservation), Outdoor education/Nature Sensibilisation, Climate-smart Agriculture, Sustainable Lifestyle and more. See more here.

Hillevi lives with her family on a self-sufficency permaculture farm in Southern Sweden.