Inez Aponte


Inez Aponte is a facilitator, trainer and consultant in the Human Scale Development Approach, working with individuals and communities seeking to improve their quality of life in balance with the Earth’s ecology. With an arts and performance background she has been developing participatory learning processes since 1998 and has worked with organizations such as WWF, The British Council and The Soil Association. She is an accredited Trainer for the Transition Network, co-founded the Well & Good Project and works for Totnes-based Futurebound on their Leadership for Resiliency programme. She is also a member of the New Economics Organisers Network (NEON).

Inez delivers the Beautiful Economies training, which uses the Human Scale Development framework to explore how we can create thriving local economies that truly meet our needs and Storytelling for Changemakers, which teaches how to use the power of stories to inspire change.  Find out more at