Leanna Jones

What do you do?

I was recruited to focus on fundraising which suits me well, since my career so far has had a focus on finding, bringing in and managing funding for sustainability and resilience projects. I work with colleagues and partners to make sure Transition Network has the funding we need to continue the work that we do to support the movement. This involves getting the right people together to collaborate, write effective bids and applications, and maintain and develop relationships with existing and new funders and supporters.

What do you find most surprising or delightful about working in the field of Transition?

I’m new to the team (Dec 2020), and I’m loving getting to know how the organisation itself works with shared governance, how decisions are made and how my role integrates with all the others and all our partners. I was involved in a local Transition Town near where I live, so I’m also finding it delightful to hear even more stories of what all the Transition Initiatives are doing around the world.