Nick Osborne


Nick is a social entrepreneur in the business of shifting paradigms; .

Co-founder, Trainer & Consultant with Conscious Collaboration, Evolving Organisation and Learning Edge.

Nick has 30 years experience in: private, public and non-profit sectors; employed, freelance, entrepreneur, volunteer. As a self-acknowledged control-freak, Nick appreciates how disruptive this can be in working with others. Recognising how the desire for control also limits hierarchies in our complex and rapidly changing world led him to seek alternatives. He integrated his learning about more collaborative and agile approaches in the entertaining Self-Organisation Beyond Hierarchy series of animated films.

This journey led Nick in 2012 to Holacracy ; the revolutionary management system that abolishes hierarchy, and he is the first and currently only Certified Holacracy Facilitator delivering public Holacracy Workshops in the UK.

Nick seeks to catalyse the transition to ways of thinking and living which address, rather than contribute to, today’s challenges. His work upgrades how we learn, collaborate and run organisations to better fit the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions of the 21st century. He sees this as essential for a sustainable human presence on Earth and for evolving templates for healthy human cultures in outer space.