Noémie Cheval

Noémie Cheval has started her associative activism working with people and communities excluded from our society. She studied anthropology with a focus on communitie resilience in time of war and post conflict communities. Today, her focus is on Transition culture, cultural emergence on service of the great turning.

She has become a transition trainer, mentoring people, as well as supporting initiatives and groups on their transition journey. She facilitates transition trainings, collective intelligence processes and « Work that reconnects »-workshops. She is a designer in People and Permaculture and is currently doing her diploma in applied Permaculture with Looby Macnamara as mentor.

Having grown up in Brussels she is part of the belgian Transition Trainer circle. Living in Biel/Bienne Switzerland she energises the emerging Swiss Hub.

Noémie is a bird lover and applies this passion doing eco-ornithology and deep nature connection. She is also designing her lifestyle around her vegetables garden, sharing abundance with her neighboors, practicing yoga and connecting to the forest behind her house.