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One Year in Transition – a generation in action?

The Home room at Battersea Arts Centre is buzzing – we are famous for enthusiasm at Transition Conference but this buzz is special, for a start the average age is under 30.  Isabel has just introduced us to One Year in Transition (1YT), the new learning journey for young adults 20+.  We have Richard with us who has started his placement with Transition South Brent on this first year of the course.

Young people on1YT will create a year that fits them and their circumstances – a year to learn their strengths and passions and to spend at least 3 months playing a significant, often leading role in a current Transition project. 

Transition initiatives all round the country will be asked to offer placements and Mel  who’s here from Transition Leicester outlines some great opportunities they might be able to offer : on their  “Green Light Festival, developing a reskilling programme or helping the rollout of Community carbon reduction.  I’m turning over a delicious new notion – the idea of a 1YT person to scale up one of our Lancaster projects, the notion of this happening in 8 or more projects all over the country next year and more the year after … Suddenly I can see an army of young people, a benevolent army of  Facebook linked, Skype calling, wonderfully informed and above all passionate young people, making their living, with fire and creativity in Transition. 

And beyond that wonder, with all their connections, what else might that do?  Change the shape and perception of Transition amongst our all important younger generation perhaps?