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Synchronised (or was that Synchronicitous) Sweeping at the Transition Conference 2012

It is 9pm. I am typing this on fellow social reporter Jo Homan's laptop at her flat, where we have been staying for this Transition Conference weekend. Charlotte is preparing some pasta and Jo is about to return from forest gardening in Devon.

Sweeping Up at the ConferenceAnn and Kerry have also been staying here (as well as Josiah on Friday night) but they've gone home now and it is almost strangely quiet with just the two of us after such an intense, full-on, extraordinary weekend of meetings, conversations, laughter, cabaret, singing, dancing, collaborative compost toilet poems, Well-being walks in Tooting, the Transition Free Press launch, creating a Transition Town Anywhere and synchronicitously synchronised sweeping!

This is the first time I've been able to sit down and type anything, it comes just after the Conference has finished and I'll need a bit of time to decompress and let it all fall into place. So I'm really glad I put myself down to write a blogpost called Transition Network Conference - The Week After, coming next Saturday.

Jo's just walked through the door, so time to say hi and have a bite to eat, but I will just say that this was the first conference I'd been to since I entered Transition over four years ago. And it was amazing. More to follow.

Synchronised Sweeping, Dancing and Twirling  in a Synchronicitous Way (by Charlotte Du Cann)