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One Year in Transition

If you are aged 20 upwards, are looking to find ways of living and working in a sustainable community, and want to learn practical skills that support right livelihood, this programme is for you.

Registration is now open for the 2016-17 course, starting September 2016. Places are limited to 16 people and are offered on a first come first serve basis.  Please email to discuss.

For more information, download the attached pdf (also at the bottom of this page) that gives more detail about what the course offers.

And we have a beautiful dedicated website with heaps of information at:

Hannah on one year in Transition programmeOne Year in Transition (1YT) is now in its fourth year and gets better all the time with input from students. The programme is designed to equip young adults with the tools needed to create (and flourish in) a low-carbon future that sustains ourselves, our communities and life on Earth. The programme is low cost, flexible and fun.  

1YT is as part-time or full-time as you want to make it. YOU...

  • design your own learning journey and have your project work guided throughout by tutors
  • explore your personal learning edges through Action Enquiry
  • do this in your own community, or in a Transition-minded community
  • choose one or two practical skills to learn and find voluntary placements with skills masters (we help you here)
  • are given a personal mentor to support you (for free)
  • learn from Transition Network and Transition Town Totnes
  • gain life skills that value both the inner and outer development of our selves
  • find the work in the world that only you can do, and get brave at doing it

The next year starts in September 2016 and finishes in July 2017 with a group celebration. There are four week-long meet-ups (the first in Totnes, Devon, the headquarters of Transition Network) in September, January, April and July. We keep in touch and peer mentor each other via monthly Skype calls. You commit to showing up and completing the year. In return you receive a completion certificate from Transition Network.

We work as much as possible with non-monetary exchange as we explore an economics grounded in personal relationships rather than impersonal transactions.

However, in this age of Transition, we do need to ask for a payment of £3000 to cover essential tuition costs when you sign up as well as the food and lodging cost for each of the four week-long residentials.

There is an option to pay in three instalments or monthly standing order and we have a revolving loan fund. We are actively seeking funding for bursaries.

If you would like to start up this programme in your own country, working in collaboration with your local Transition groups, please get in touch. We have an active international group of people starting new programmes: Portugal and Sweden both launching in 2016


 Here are some comments from the  Transitioners of 2012-13.

 "Throughout the year, with support and encouragement and deep personal interest in our concerns, we developed along the paths that we had created for ourselves. For me that is based in woodland craft, green woodwork and practical rural crafts and trades.1YT is also vastly about the networking and contacts and knowing people. A concern of Transition in general is the concept of Gift Culture in the sense of creating strong relationships with people. Those naturally fruit and provide the opportunities that we need.

All the participants have just finished the last meet up and left in an extremely positive place, looking forward to an incredible set of circumstances as we’ve all got jobs and a lot to look forward to." (Richard in South Brent).

 "I came out of university not really knowing what I wanted to do in the world, and started a career which didn’t really align with my values at all. And I took quite a brave step to stop doing the thing I didn’t really care about and focus on what I did want to do with my life. 1YT has been a fantastic container for that. We have had so much inspirational teaching from so many different people who are themselves doing amazing things in their community or in the environmental movement and that has enabled me to develop my own project in my local community." (Hannah in Oxford)


"The teachers have been incredible, we’ve been really lucky, we’ve been taught in beautiful spaces and taught a whole range of subjects from permaculture to new leadership skills, bushcraft and even using psychotherapy frameworks to try and make sense of why the world is the way it is at the moment. It’s really a good quality course for how much you are investing in it and there have been some real tangible outcomes. I would say I’m much braver now and have much more courage to stay on the path of doing what I really want to do." (Lisa in Bristol).

For detailed information and to find out more, contact:
Isabel Carlisle, Education Co-Ordinator, Transition Network
Tel: 01803 847 976

  • See the Facebook group
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