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Transition Network Newsletter

September 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

As autumn takes over from summer, we offer a number of Inner Transition coures and reflections, we're looking for new Trustees and earthquake news from Italy.

August 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

Summer time and it's time to take it easy. But before you go we consider our relationship to problems, whether we can trust Shell to bring a low-carbon economy, and adding records to the Museum of Fossil Fuels. Exeter celebrates with a £4.50 note, and selling more local food in supermarkets plus we want to hear your stories about migration.

July 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

Some timely reflections on the opportunity that Brexit could offer us open our newsletter followed by lessons we can learn from how rain on a forest work together. Doing things most of us take for granted as safe can have big consequences in places such as in Nicaragua. #FindRobbie who is missing. A love letter to Iceland offers some advice, and happy birthday Tooting!

June 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

Themes that include energy in an Entrepreneur Forum, an Energy company and local currency open this newsletter. Plus responding to linguistic diversity, collecting oral histories, reimagining sustainable business, reflections on 10 years transitioning, a film review, an events checklist and the Brexit/Bremain debate continues and there is more.

May 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

New beginnings and a 'Springtime Renewal' theme plus a Digest of the previous theme of 'International' brings Transition news from far and wide. More on the success of Demain, the power of beer and was flying justified? Some 'Good' Bremain thoughts plus several insightful pieces on keeping your Transition Initiative healthy.

April 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

We have a new film set in Paris, our theme of 'international begins looking at UK Devolution, Brexit or Bremain and the translations project. The importance of dreaming and imagination, plus trips to Ireland, Paris and Leicester plus healthy conflict, the joy of training and the new REconomy newsletter.

March 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

In this newsletter we have a round up of all the recent articles on Burn Out plus some new ones; Amazon's debasing of language; a call for more mavericks; a Neighbourhood Planning update and two book reviews plus events and courses coming up.

February 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

Our main newsletter feature this month is on Burnout - what it is both individually and for groups, and more importantly, what we can do about it; there are also stories on how making drinks has helped create community and pointers to a local economy; and book reviews including of an acclaimed new book 'The Urban Farmer'.


January 2016 - Transition Network Newsletter

We begin a period of reflection with looking at burnout; say farewell and celebrate two key members of the Transition Network team; share some more reports from COP21; some offers of collaboration and review the latest Star Wars film.

December 2015 - Transition Network Newsletter

Inside reports from COP21 and starting our exploration of ways to re-tell the Transition Story headline this month's newsletter. We also hear of research on Inner Transition in Canada, REconomy goes to Wigan, you can listen to a new Transition song from SWIMBY and recalling the cold winter of 1963. Plus a Training update and book reviews.

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