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We’ve put resources into creating a graphical identity that will keep Transition Network noticeable, distinctive and visually connected to transition groups around the world. The sections below tell you all you need to know, and probably a bit more.

Warning: This page couldn’t exist without brand-speak and corp-talk rearing their ugly heads. Please excuse their intrusion, we’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

In brief – for Transition Initiatives and community groups

Do you want to show that you’re part of this wonderful network of transitioners?

If you’re a community-wide initiative, taking account of peak oil and climate change and you’re striving for resilience and CO2 reductions in an inclusive manner, it doesn’t matter to us whether you’re following the transition model slavishly or irreverently, or indeed reinventing it (and sharing your great ideas). In all cases, we invite you to use this “endorsement” marque freely.

Download the graphics for use on your flyers, website, posters, currency notes or whatever seems appropriate.

More info on the usage is further down the page and in the Endorsement Marque Guidelines.

Not so brief – the full scoop on Transition Network’s “branding”

For the sake of simplicity, we’ve divided the world up into five:

  1. Transition Network (the organisation)
  2. National Transition Hubs (such as Transition US, Transition Support Scotland, Transition Sweden)
  3. Transitioning communities (ie communities and groups that are actively engaged in transition)
  4. Partners and allies
  5. The rest of the world

The branding elements for each of these are discussed below.

  1. Transition Network – the organisation

Transition Network’s branding guidelines are contained in this document.

This document is aimed at all parts of the Transition Network “organisation”, covering formal documents, powerpoint presentations, headed paper, bids, reports, proposals, website, flyers, “business cards”, et al.

We’re starting the process of harmonising to this branding – it’ll be a gradual, rather than short and sharp, process owing to resourcing constraints.

  1. Transition Hubs

National hubs that have agreed and signed the Memorandum of Understanding, may:

– on signing the MoU may use the endorsement marque

– once they’ve reached stage 2, can adopt the Transition Network branding. The graphic alongside shows how that might look for the logo (fyi, Italy aren’t quite there yet, but have the logo all ready and waiting).

– in general, we recommend they adopt/adapt the main branding guidelines in the branding document. But if they develop their own look and feel that suits their national demeanour, we’ll be very happy to see that diversity emerging – see Transition US logo to the right.

  1. Transitioners – communities, and groups actively engaged in transition

For this group, we have something called an “endorsement marque”. Everything you need to know about it, and more, is contained in this crisply written set of guidelines.

It’s aimed at the following Transition Initiatives and community groups. So if you’re a community-wide initiative, taking account of peak oil and climate change and you’re striving for resilience and CO2 reductions in an inclusive manner, it doesn’t matter to us whether you’re following the transition model slavishly or irreverently, or indeed reinventing it (and sharing your great ideas). In all cases, we invite you to use the marque freely.

Incidentally, you don’t have to have “transition” in the name of your initiative eg “Low Carbon Exeter” or “Sustaining Dunbar”. However, “Zero Resilience Climatedeniersville” may raise a few eyebrows…

Stick it on your posters, on your flyers, embroider it on bath towels, stencil it onto your compost bin. The limits are set only by your imagination (and common decency).

And don’t wait to get “official” status either – use wantonly right from the get-go.

  1. Partners and allies

For this group, the endorsement marque applies. As you’d expect, you’ll need to talk to us first before you can use the marque.

  1. a) Supporters

– a somewhat woolly term…

– if you’ve given us loads of money, or a venue for a conference, or perhaps a suitcase full of hemp-based, open source, locally manufactured, eco-powered wonder gadgets and you espouse transition values, you’re eligible to use the marque if you so wish.

– please ask us first.

  1. b) Campaigners

– We’re often asked by campaigning organisations for support. We’re exceedingly picky about this, owing to our feelings that, while “campaigns against” certain negative things are essential, we’re focusing more on “working towards” positive outcomes. That said, given the times we’re facing, we feel that some campaigns need all the help they can get.

– We’ll seriously consider all serious requests – ask us here.

  1. c) Organisations

– There are some organisations with whom we collaborate extensively, and they feel very much part of the spirit of transition. If you think this applies to your organisation and you haven’t heard from us yet, please contact us.

  1. The Rest of the world

If an individual shop within a national chain of healthfood stores establishes an agreement with their local food group in the local transition initiative to supply them with local food, then should they be permitted to use the endorsement marque? Some would say yes, others no. Something worth a wide discussion…

If a national supermarket chain did that – well, realistically, who out there imagines that happening? We’ll cross that bridge when when/if we come to it.

If Tar Sands Inc. were to contact us to request permission to put the Transition Network endorsement marque on their 180-tonne dump trucks, then we’d have to start up a new category entitled “Transition greenwashers”. We don’t have a logo for them, but it would be fun designing one.

Download: the Endorsement marque materials

Download: materials for Transition Network and National Transition Hubs

Everything you need to know is in the branding guidelines document.

Graphics for downloading – for these, please contact support@transitionnetwork.org via email, with details of your intended use.


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