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Girl with chart at Launch Training

Transition LAUNCH is packed with imaginative ways to delve into the practice of Transition showing you how to set up, run and grow a Transition Initiative. It is also useful for people who have recently become involved in Transition and want to develop the essential skills and insights to help their Transition initiative become a success.

Transition Launch (which used to be called Training for Transition) is our very popular fundamentals course in the skills and practices of Transition. It has been delivered hundereds of times in over 35 countries world wide, gathering and spreading the collective wisdom of us all. Here is what participants have said about the training.


What to expect:Group at Launch Training

  • Have an experience of Transition.
  • Learn about the early stages of Transition.
  • Experience a personally deepening journey into the inner dimension of Transition.
  • Meet other people involved in Transition initiatives and share experiences, difficulties and successes.

 A detailed course description



This 2 day training is ideal for you, if:

  • are new to Transition and want to evaluate the model and practice to see if it is for them or
  • are part of a TI that is just beginning or about to start
  • want additional skills or awareness in how to communicate about peak oil and other reasons why we need to do transition, fundamental skills around awareness raising, fundamental skills in how to set up and run an Open Space event, or the basic skills in how to create and run a successful initiating group.

This 2 day training is not ideal, if you:

  • feel confident in the skills necessary to undertake the early stages of Transition like Visioning, Awareness raising, holding community engagement process like Open Space, and have a reasonable knowledge of creating effective groups (we also have a dedicated workshop and dvd on this subject (click here).
  • are part of an established TI that is moving from the start-up phase into creating local resilience
  • are creating projects and community enterprises and are needing more 'how to' information on that aspect of transition
  • wish to spend most of the course time deepening and exploring the inner side of Transition (Do the Inner Transition workshop -click here-).


CostPart of Transition chart

We aim to offer our courses at the lowest possible cost, £100-£110 for the two days, because we recognise that most Transition folks are volunteering. We have a price range because there are lots of variables like venue cost, donations, sponsorship etc and each TI's situation is different.  If you can't afford this, then perhaps others in your Transition group can make up the shortfall, or you can try some imaginative crowd funding. A number of full or part bursaries are always available on every course, our aim is to make this two day workshop available to everyone regardless of their financial means.



Ready to book?

The first step is to visit the Training Calendar which gives details on specific courses.  Each listing has it's own contact person who will make the booking.

See the Training Calendar for details on upcoming LAUNCH courses

Launch participants

Photos: All photos were taken at a Transition Launch courses in Spain (CC Transición Sostenible);