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These are the people in the UK who deliver the 2 day Transition LAUNCH, Transition THRIVE, and Transition TALK courses.

If you are looking for Transition Trainers in other countries, please go to your country's Transition website. There are Transition Trainers delivering courses in Ireland, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Germany, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Luxumberg, Switzerland, Austria, and Holland.

Inez Aponte

Inez Aponte has been a professional storyteller and workshop facilitator since 1997. She was a member of Transition Bristol for a year and a half until moving to Totnes in September 2009. Her main focus there was communications and volunteer recruitment. At Transition conferences you will find her teaching harmony singing to innocent passers-by and she is currently on a mission to get the nation to slow down and bake bread with her latest project 'Loaves of Love'. She also delivers workshops and trainings based on the work of Manford Max Neef's Human Scale Development.

Sophy Bankssophy

Sophy jointly set up the first “Heart and Soul”, or Inner Transition group in Totnes in 2006. She co-founded Transition Training and has delivered Launch and other workshops to transition projects around the world and is currently coordinating work on Inner Transition for Transition Network. A trainer for over 20 years she has worked as an engineer, information systems consultant and psychotherapist and has considerable experience of voluntary sector and community projects.

Sophy has a particular interest in systemic approaches to all things, and especially looking across disciplines to seeing a broad and inclusive view. After many years of living in Hackney and playing football on the marshes there she now lives in Devon where she gets out to the moors and beaches as often as transition and her vegetable garden allow.

Mandy Dean

Mandy lives with her children in a small village in the beautiful Ddyfi Valley in mid Wales. She is an initiating group member of Transition Bro Ddyfi Trawsnewid which she helped set up in 2007 and has been actively involved with ever since. She has been a teacher and trainer for over 15 years and has worked in sustainable land use research, horticulture, vocational training and is also qualified as a medical herbalist.

She has a long-term interest in traditional land use and low impact ways of living and spent time both in the UK and abroad learning how to do this on a practical level. She discovered the delights of permaculture and gained her design certificate in 1993.

She has taken part in conferences, given talks and run workshops about Transition across Wales as well as in England and Portugal and has been delivering training for the Transition Network since joining the pool in 2008.

May East

May is a Brazilian social change activist who has spent the last 30 years working internationally with music, indigenous people, women, antinuclear, environmental and sustainable human settlements movements. Since 1992 she has lived at the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland where she coordinates the Ecovillage Education programmes.

May is the Programme Director of Gaia Education, and has played a prominent role in developing relationships between the United Nations and the Findhorn Ecovillage, culminating in the launch of CIFAL Findhorn in 2006. She facilitates the Club of Budapest World Wisdom Council.

Naresh Giangrande

Co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, the first Transition Town and Transition Training, Naresh has been involved in designing, running and evolving many of the events, groups, and trainings that have been at the heart of the enormously successful Transition Towns project. He has delivered the Training for Transition, Transition Talk Training, Train the Trainers, and Transition training for Local Authorities and organisations to over hundreds of participants in 9 countries.

As one of the Transition Town founders he has given dozens of lectures and interviews, and spoken at many conferences and other public events. He set up and coordinated the energy group of TTT, and is currently a director of TTT ltd. Before the Transition Town Initiative took over his life he lived and worked in an eco community, was Managing Director of a landscape company, and a gaffer in the film industry. He has also taught meditation, has a degree in chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, and is father to two lovely daughters.

Hal Gillmore

Hal is from a farming family in South Devon where he now lives with his young family. He is involved in Transition Town Totnes’ outreach activities and also works for Landscope at Dartington Schumacher College, regenerating the landscape through sustainable, land-based business and enterprise. Equally comfortable in a classroom, office or wilderness, Hal’s professional experience includes tourism, training, business development and leading expeditions in Britain and overseas.

Hamid van Koten

Hamid was the chair of the North Howe Transition Toun - near Edinburgh - where he worked with Scottish Local Authorities, NGO's  and community groups to create strategies for carbon reduction. Hamid is a qualified 5 rhythms movement teacher and has a broad experience of facilitating groups. He has lived in, and worked with, a range of communities. Hamid now lives at Bowden House Community, Totnes and teaches at Plymouth College of Art were he leads a Masters course in creative practice for sustainability.


 Jenny Mackewn (MA, MSc)

Jenny is an international trainer and consultant in the fields of integrative arts psychotherapy, creative organisational development and ecopsychology. She is a fully trained facilitator of both Joanna Macy's deep ecology work and of the transition town/transition business movement.

She is also a senior lecturer on the MA course in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy at IATE and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bath, School of Management.


Stefan Nicholls

Stefan is a professional social enterprise coach working in a challenged community in Cheshire. He is a director of a Community Interest Company called Chester - The Giant City. His Transition Town activities are split betwen being a member of Boulder Colorado, USA, West Kirby and Chester. He is a graduate of the CTi (Coach Training Institute) Leadership Course held in Sonoma County, California. He is also a trained community organiser (Citizens Organising Foundation). He is currently setting up a Garden Village in Chester along the Transition Model.

Marina O’Connell

Marina runs a 4 acres organic market garden growing fruit, flowers salads and preserves, that is sold into the Growing communities farmers market in Stoke Newington Hackney. She is director of the Apricot centre on the farm which delivers training in sustainability; permaculture, process work and Transition training in particular. The farm is a demonstration permaculture site. She is the mother of two fantastic daughters.

Marina has a BSc in Horticulture (Bath), Masters degree in Environment and Society (Essex), and is a qualified FE/ HE trainer. She has a diploma in permaculture design and a certificate in Process orientated Psychology. She worked for 10 years at Dartington Hall setting up the Organic Market garden near Foxhole, and then went on to be a FE and HE lecturer at Otley College in Suffolk running a wide range of courses on sustainability before setting up the Apricot centre at her home in Manningtree, Essex.

Nick Osborne

Nick Osborne - Trainer

Nick Osborne is a social entrepreneur in the business of shifting paradigms; Co-founder, Trainer & Consultant with Conscious Collaboration, Evolving Organisation and Learning Edge. 

Nick has 30 years experience in: private, public and non-profit sectors; employed, freelance, entrepreneur, volunteer. As a self-acknowledged control-freak, Nick appreciates how disruptive this can be in working with others. Recognising how the desire for control also limits hierarchies in our complex and rapidly changing world led him to seek alternatives. He integrated his learning about more collaborative and agile approaches in the entertaining Self-Organisation Beyond Hierarchy series of animated films. 

This journey led Nick in 2012 to Holacracy ; the revolutionary management system that abolishes hierarchy, and he is the first and currently only Certified Holacracy Facilitator delivering public Holacracy Workshops in the UK. 

Nick seeks to catalyse the transition to ways of thinking and living which address, rather than contribute to, today’s challenges. His work upgrades how we learn, collaborate and run organisations to better fit the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions of the 21st century. He sees this as essential for a sustainable human presence on Earth and for evolving templates for healthy human cultures in outer space.


Ann Owen

Ann originates from Belgium, but lives with her husband and two children in Mid Wales. She is a steering group member of Transition Bro Ddyfi Trawsnewid and a member of their food group.

A qualified adult education teacher, she has facilitated workshops and ran courses for over ten years. She has delivered the Training for Transition in five countries, given talks and co-hosted many events for her local initiative.

She has an ongoing interest in community organization and social justice. A keen gardener, when not busy with Transition related activities, she can be found in her polytunnel growing odd coloured vegetables for a local market co-operative.  Before Transition came into her life, she was a craft worker and teacher, traveler and dreamer.

Mike Payne

Mike is a coach and creative facilitator who supports the head, heart and soul together as one. His background has ranged from working in fiercely competitive commercial settings, within caring and therapeutic charitable environments, as a professional soldier, on action research coaching projects with The New Economics Foundation and delivering Coach the Coaches experiential training. He is a qualified trainer for the UN-accredited Training for Transition Course.

This breadth of perspective and experience has fed a curiosity to explore new ways of working beyond those currently deemed sufficient or accessible, of working with all the senses and ensuring all voices are heard, seeking the creative edges; supporting those with a 'fractured soul'. He has been particularly influenced by deep ecology and the coaching approach. An area of particular interest is supporting men in ways which work for them while concurrently seeking to move beyond gender, or other labels. Underlying Mike's approach is a desire for a more balanced, more inter-connected, more compassionate world. 

Catriona Ross

Catriona Ross is a freelance consultant and trainer with more than 15 years’ experience in journalism and communications.  Born and brought up in the Highlands, she studied Linguistics in Edinburgh before working as an English teacher in Italy and Portugal. On returning to the UK she entered journalism, working as a reporter on local then national newspapers.

Joining the Forestry Commission's communications team in 1998 presented an opportunity to deepen a lifelong interest in rural and environmental issues. From there, Catriona moved to the  Scotland Office where she became interested in energy by being involved in the Government’s energy review of 2006. The insight into national politics gained in this role helped confirm her growing suspicion that the looming environmental and energy crises might be more positively tackled at local level.  Catriona left the civil service in 2006 and spent a year in South America before returning to the north of Scotland. She is a core member of Transition Black Isle.

Bernadette Ryder

Bernadette has worked in the fields of training, group facilitation and community development for 25 years. From 6 years establishing sustainable resettlement projects with refugees in sub-Saharan Africa, to several years in UK multicultural inner-city areas she has empowered numerous grass roots initiatives including Credit Unions, Community Businesses, local youth facilities, drugs rehabilitation programmes and the establishment of a local Development Trust.

She is fascinated by the role of the intuitive right brain processes in our capacity to learn and effect change in ourselves and in the world. Her approach is holistic, comfortably including intellectual, analytical and experiential processes. She is currently a trainer with “Be the Change” and The Pachamama Alliance as well as Transition Network. She has an unquenchable appetite for fun. She is herself a dancer, a singer an artist and a mediator.

Gerri Smyth

Gerri brings twenty years experience  of the challenges of working in the commercial sector to her Transition practice. She now works in the social media sector, exploring ways to harness the internet to support collaboration and emergent ways of working.  She is also a director and tutor with the Centre for Human Ecology, with a focus on place-belonging and transformative learning.

Gerri has an MSc in Human Ecology from Strathclyde University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Development and Facilitation from Surrey University. She has just returned to Guildford, after a two year 'sojourn' in Edinburgh, where she was actively involved in Transition Edinburgh and where spent some time working with the Scottish national support organisation.  Her Transition interests include revitalising local economies, revolutionising how we earn our livelihoods, and re-localising  business. Gerri is also an Energy Resilient Assessment practitioner, and is keen to find ways to help initiatives to engage with the businesses in their locale.