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In Transition 2.0 Screening Posters

screenshot of transition movie posterIf you are holding a screening of the In Transition 2.0 film, you can spread the word easily with these downloadable posters to promote the event.  

These vibrant posters form a background image template for you use with a word processor or publishing programme.

The posters have an area at the bottom under the strap line area for you to be able to add your own text.
For example, you may want to add when and where your screening will be held, contact details and more.

There are various sizes available ranging from A5 (smallest) to A2 (very large); and you can choose from an image (jpg) or PDF files to download.  There are also lower and high quality print for the A4 and A3 sizes.

Choose your preferred size and file format type from the list below to download: