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Transition movie


For those people who have seen this movie in one of its previews, you’ll know it’s something a bit special. For those of us who had the good fortune to be involved in it (submitting footage, trying out our best “inscrutable Brad Pitt smile” in the trailer, getting the money together, giving feedback to make it better, making chamomile tea for the director), there’s more than just a little emotion tied up in this production and some high hopes in terms of who it’ll reach and how it’ll affect them.

Click here for the Translations and subtitled versions of the film

In Transition 1.0 from Transition Towns on Vimeo

Group viewing licence arrangements - Update:

In response to transitioners around the world, we've scrapped the group viewing license. You may now use it for non-commercial screeenings anywhere you want as many times as you want. "Non-commercial" means you can take money/donations on the door to cover costs and/or raise funds for your Transition Initiative or community group/projects.

Any commercial screenings, broadcasts or use of footage needs to be discussed with us first - please email our movie mogul.

Payment instructions – we’re using PayPal. Please go to the Transition Culture page to get the movie. The paypal instructions are about half way down.

Bulk orders

In the same way that initiatives can buy bulk order of the various Transition Books, and generate some income for their initiative, this DVD set offers potential income for initiatives.

For a host of reasons, we're only shipping in multiples of 30 - we hope that works for you.

If you’re one of the 255 groups on the “official” list of Transition initiatives, the bulk discounts are:

  • up to 30 copies – 40% discount – unit price of £9
  • 60 or 90 copies – 50% discount – unit price of £7.50

All other Transition Initiatives, organisations and individuals get bulk discounts of:

  • up to 30 copies – 30% discount – unit price of £10.50
  • 60 or 90 copies – 40% discount – unit price of £9

There are different postage rates for UK, Europe and Rest of World.

To order, please go to the Transition Culture page to pay via PayPal.

Why we’re not giving the movie away

This movie cost quite a lot of money. Not quite up there with War & Peace with its $100 million budget and 7 years of filming, but the money needs to be earned to pay back the investors and loan sharks, and we’d like a little over as start-up funding for “In Transition 2.0″.

For those groups that are reluctant to charge for the movie (and any talks or process you set up around it), it’s important to recognise the value of what you’re showing – any individual who is moved to concentrate on building personal and community resilience as a result of viewing this will be immeasurable “wealthier” in real terms. That kind of experience is worth charging for, and certainly worth paying for.

Translations and subtitles

We now have the French voice-over! Many thanks to Jean-Luc Henry and others at Très-Saint-Rédempteur en Transition, Quebec, Canada.

The movie has been given subtitles by various transitioners around the world - thanks for your efforts.

Completed (embedded in current version):

Completed, available as "over-streaming" file - contact Amber to get it. Many many thanks to all our translators:

  • Finnish, by Juho Salminen
  • Russian, by Anton Miroshnichenko
  • Croatian, by Daniel Balaban and Nenad Maljković
  • Polish, by Kamil Pachalko
  • Portuguese, by Manuel Cardoso
  • Traditional Chinese, by Chen Li-chen and Earth Passengers, and organised by Clint Munkholm
  • Slovak, by Mária Vasiľová

In process:

  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Hebrew

If you wish to contribute by adding subtitles in your own language, please contact Amber.

Suggestions for group screenings

Here are some suggestions from the Transition Initiative Primer:

  1. Introduce the film personally by putting it into the context of your overall hopes for your community
  2. Have everyone turn to someone they don’t know and, in turns, introduce themselves and explain what brought them to the event that night
  3. Show the movie
  4. Have everyone pair up (preferably with someone they don’t know) and do an active talking/listening exercise about their impressions of the movie (ie one talks for 3 minutes while the other listens, then they switch over). You can give direction with something like “Say what gives you cause for concern and then what gives you cause for hope about the movie”
  5. Run a Q&A on Peak Oil and/or Climate Change. Make sure you have someone there who knows what he/she is talking about – though it’s no shame to say “I don’t know, but I can find out and get back to you”.
  6. Watch out for the “I’m alone in the depths of my fear” type questions – they’re typically a cry out for counselling or connection and can paralyse a room. What can work in that situation is to acknowledge the person’s fear and then to ask in the room “if there’s anyone here who has a part of themselves that is full of fear around this, please put up your hand”. Put yours up first… and hope! Unless you’re sitting in a room full of denial, you’ll see a lot of hands shoot up. You can then explain that the Transition model has a place where people can move through their fears and into a place of action (usually handled by the “Heart and Soul” group, once it’s formed).

Any last questions…?

Please drop an email to our movie mogul.

And last but by no means least... a huge thanks to:

The Transition Initiatives that contributed movie footage

  • Berkhamsted
  • Brighton and Hove
  • Bristol-BS3
  • Brixton
  • CAT
  • Crediton
  • Falkland
  • Forest of Dean
  • Freidrichshain-Kreuzberg
  • Fujino
  • Hyama
  • Isle of Man
  • Kilkenny
  • Kinsale
  • Koganei
  • Ladock
  • Lewes
  • Llandeilo
  • Malvern
  • Modbury
  • Newent
  • North Howe
  • Norwich
  • Nottingham
  • Penwith
  • Sandpoint
  • Tooting
  • Tones
  • Waiheke

A HUGE thank you to you all!