Cherry O – Adaptive Gardening

United Kingdom

Cherry O is the flagship projects of Rooted and Booted, we are a social enterprise working in Lambeth in south-east London and East Sussex on the South Coast, developing gardening activities and maintenance of local communities and surrounding area, for the betterment of the community, especially partnerships with TRA(Tenants and Residents Association).

Our common aim of regenerating and improving the area and the lives of the people who live there. We are embedded in our diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods providing Gardening services and recycled gardening furniture, community clean up days, gatherings, literary events and has a voluntary gardening project, In the future we intending providing an Adaptive Gardening Programme in communities nationally.

Our organisation works with many local organisations’ such as TRA’s (Tenants and Residents Associations), community initiatives such as, LJAG, Brixton Green and Building Communities in Lambeth and Brixton Neighbourhood Forum and the Big Local, which are projects designed to empower local people, improve community cohesion and enhance neighbourhood facilities.

Our aims are to:

Engage in positive action rather than complaints
Put Lambeth, and East Sussex on the map as a place in its own right from other boroughs
Encourage a sense of community and celebrate Brixton and surrounding area

Run activities events that bring the community together.

The mission statement of Cherry Orchard and Rooted and Booted to be a resource to the community demonstrating how to adapt gardening practices to make gardening enjoyable and successful for people of different ages, levels of ability, interest and needs

Activities will include:

Adaptive Gardening Activities
Distributing gardening food and recycled furniture
Events and Programmes