Maoz Aviv


Our neighborhood was built in the 50’s in the northeast part of Tel-Aviv, the largest city in Israel. We are part of the city but when entering our neighborhood you would feel like entering a small village- Just one road, long blocks with lots of trees and green spaces between the buildings with many families spending their time outside.
For years this was a special neighborhood- full of trees, people that look for a more communal place to live and raise kids in the city, A cooperative that most of the neighborhood is part of that runs many aspects of our neighborhood, and many eco and social projects such as our beautiful community garden.
From 2011 we combined many projects that were already in place and started to tell a new story/vision we call ‘From an Existing neighborhood to Sustainable Neighborhood’ (in Hebrew it sounds better). We now have lot’s of projects small and large in many areas of life- Community garden, eco-community municipal food forest and Park, Compost initiative, numerous community events Etc. In the last few years we also established a strategic plan for the next 30 years with the municipality under the title Sustainable Maoz Aviv.
You are more than welcome to come and visit Us:-)