NATURALMENTE – Retreat Center


Naturalmente , is a Holistic Retreat Center
focused on a Natural Way of Living
where we invite Everyone that feels the Call
for a deep Connection with Nature
and Evolution, expansion of Consciousness
and elevation of our Vibration
and Awakening our Essence, and our Full Potential
Evolving and becoming Aware
of our interconection / Union with All-That-Is
Evolving in Harmony with All the Universe
and Consciently contributing for the Co-Creation of a World of Love


We Receive Guests and Volunteers,
that feel in tune with our principles ( the 12 Core Petals ) ,
see the conditions on our site (page – Volunteers and Visitors )



and LIVING in Harmony with NATURE

and Detox /Revitalization

WELCOME, Naturalmente

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
(may All the Beings in All the Worlds Be Happy)

( the Divine Essence within Myself, Salutes the Divine Essence within Yourself)

NATURALMENTE – Retreat Center
– Nucleum for the Reconnection with the Essence within the Being