SOLUTIONS to boring meetings of all kinds (scripted sequences of group process exercises)

United States

Live event scripts for NVC trainers and other group facilitators

I have about 30 completed scripts and dozens of exercises and exercise sequences. Ultimately we should have a paid market for such scripts facilitators can present and charge money for. In April 2019 the greater problem is Best Practices in Group Process, from 1990s events and literature, are in danger of dying out and forgotten.

Sequences of live group process, synched to a theme, facilitated live, are the best chance progressive guys have of attracting and engaging Cultural Creatives in new social forms.

Oka to contact me directly about available scripts and/or themes you wish to synch exercises to.

Group Process as an Art-Form: Best Practices for Facilitating HEARTFELT Live, Group Events, Large and Small (Best Practices in Group Process Series Book 2)

Heartfelt Facilitation Handbook, Produce & Facilitate Live Event Group Processes, Large and Small
How to Re-Invent Face-to-Face Culture;
Put Group Process at the Center of Organizational Development
Team Human Group Leader Handbook, Vol. 1 of 2; [Vol. 2 is a re-titled Heartfelt Group Facilitating Handbook]
Creating Social Glue As an Art-form

Milling and Dyad Exercises to Enliven Group Process
Questions for Learning Conversations