United Kingdom

Transition Woodbridge is proud to be one of the most active and vibrant Transition groups in the Eastern region. We are a community-led group that aims to strengthen the local economy, reduce the cost of living and prepare for a future with less oil and a changing climate.

Transition Woodbridge is run entirely by volunteers, and we always welcome anyone who would like to get involved in any capacity.

Our current projects include:
Biodiversity: Mini Nature Reserves and Rewilding
Community Fruit Tree Harvesting
Community Scattered Orchards
Plastic Action Reduction
Repair Café
River Cleans
Spring Clean
Woodbridge Library Edible Garden Project

Information about all our projects is available on our website.

In addition to our ongoing projects, we also host talks, book reviews, film screenings, and we partner with other local groups on events and projects too. Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s going on locally.

We always welcome ideas for new projects, events or collaborations so do please get in touch if you have any ideas at hello@nulltransitionwoodbridge.org.uk.

Transition is open to everyone, of all ages and political persuasions. We are united by our drive to Transition Woodbridge to a clean, green town.