Transition Network is developing a new Strategy.  In fact, it will be a Strategic Framework, with a number of different aspects, rather than a fixed strategy.

Parts of the strategic framework will include:

  • An organisational purpose – to help us check, prioritise and decide what actions to take, projects to develop.
  • A practice of change – our practical understanding of how what Transition Network does can create change.
  • A new governance structure to help us be more flexible, agile and responsive – focused on shared governance.  We aim to work more collaboratively on priority projects, then review, evaluate and assess the next area of work.
  • Principles about how we work as an organisation, and
  • More explicit feedback loops to inform our decisions.

Find out more about developing our organisational purpose – and how to get involved:

Transition Network’s Purpose – tell us what you think!

Organisational Strategy 2014 – 2017

Transition Network consulted on and developed a three year organisational strategy, for 2014 – 2017.  This strategy informs the focus of our work.  We want to have a balance between acting strategically on agreed priorities, and being responsive to needs that emerge from the Transition movement and the changing global context.  

The strategy focuses our work on six Strategic Outcomes that represent the key changes that Transition Network is working to deliver.  We use these outcomes to help us prioritise our activities, allocate resources, make plans and decisions and identify potential partnerships with other organisations and networks.  We know there is a lot more that needs to change in the world, but this tells you where the Transition Network charity plans to focus energy and attention:

  1. Telling the Transition story
    People within and beyond the Transition movement hear a clear, consistent and compelling story of Transition that inspires them to act, connect and experiment.
  2. Supporting Transition initiatives
    People involved in Transition are better able to access and share information, tools, skills, resources, support and training when needed.
  3. Supporting livelihoods
    More people are able to create livelihoods which deliver wellbeing, community resilience and social justice while respecting resource limits.
  4. Demonstrating impact
    More Transition initiatives demonstrate that they can achieve significant positive impacts within their communities (transforming economies, increasing wellbeing, community ownership and community resilience, reducing carbon emissions, addressing social justice issues, fostering social innovation, improving local democratic processes and establishing more healthy human cultures).
  5. Evolving internationally
    The Transition movement spreads, strengthens and evolves internationally, supported by a thriving National Hub network with an increased governance role within Transition Network. 
  6. Healthy organisational culture
    Transition Network develops a healthy and creative internal organisational culture, supported by transparent and effective structures, processes and working practices – learning about, and modelling, the change we want to see in the world.

Read our full strategy document here – TN Strategy 2014 – 2017

Annual Reports

Our Annual Report and Accounts reports our work each year against the six key strategic outcomes from our organisational strategy.  Each Annual Report covers a period from 1st April – 31st March.  

TN Annual Report 2017

Key figures from this report:

TN Annual Report 2016

TN Annual Report 2015

TN Annual Report 2014

TN Annual Report 2013

TN Annual Report 2012

TN Annual Report 2011

TN Annual Report 2010

TN Annual Report 2009



We seek ways to consult with Transition initiatives, Transition Hubs and/or the wider Transition movement, to help learn from across the movement and to help us act on feedback.  Recent consultations include the blog in Related Content and our Support offer framework linked below, and our strategic direction document, also linked below.

Support offer framework – feedback to network 2014

Consultation on strategy


As we develop organisational policies that we think will have wider interest, we will add them here.  

In November 2014 we developed a protocol which sets out the approach Transition Network will use when engaging with politicians and party political matters.  

Political Party engagement protocol TN

Transition Network Board Meetings

Transition Network is governed by a Board of Trustees.  Meetings take place quarterly, and minutes of their recent meetings are here:

1st December 2017 Board minutes

15th September 2017 Board minutes

29th June 2017 Board minutes

10th February 2017 Board minutes

18 November 2016 Board minutes

2nd Sept 2016 Board minutes

22nd July 2016 Board minutes

4th March 2016 Board minutes