Transition Network’s organisational purpose (agreed April 2018)

Transition Network supports the Transition movement, amplifies stories of community-led change, and nurtures collaborations across difference to challenge us all to reimagine and rebuild our world.

Transition Network works in service to the international movement of self-organising Transition groups and Hubs, and others who are creating community-led change for a sustainable and just future founded on wellbeing.  From our place within the movement, we encourage Transition to spread and evolve. We facilitate the sharing of inspiration and learning, identify common needs and exciting possibilities, and curate and develop tools, training and resources.  We cultivate peer-to-peer support and build capacity across the movement.

We are learning to embody and integrate the inner dimension of Transition in all that we do, and commit to the love, beauty, passion, playfulness and courage so needed in these times. We are nurturing healthy collaborative group cultures rooted in caring for, and connecting with, ourselves, each other and the natural world.

We aim to make Transition more visible, creating opportunities for diverse Transition stories to be shared, to show that a shift to a more equitable and healthy culture is possible.  We seek to understand the impact and potential of Transition. We amplify these stories to engage those who are new to Transition, empower those already involved, encourage more participative and holistic decision-making to support community-led change, and attract resources into the movement.

We look for ways to collaborate across and beyond the Transition movement, and to support others to connect and collaborate.  We support and co-design emerging approaches that reimagine and rebuild a compassionate culture within resource limits, beyond the norms of the industrial growth system.  We experiment with and cross-fertilise ideas to help Transition become more diverse and to respond to changing contexts. We recognise that power and privilege shape our behaviour, as much as they shape the behaviour of the wider world. We actively commit to addressing this, and particularly to welcoming, listening, and responding to marginalised voices within and beyond the movement.  In the way that we work, as much as in what we do, we aim to bring people together, to help us to connect with our longing for a better future and our sense of interdependence. We speak from the heart to highlight alternatives to unsustainable systems and challenge assumptions.

Transition Network is a support organisation to the international Transition Hubs Group and is exploring with that network how to develop new models of leadership, share power and resources, and collaborate across distance. In England and Wales, we are working with Transitioners to develop grassroots-led Hubs with the capacity to catalyse and support Transition in this territory and connect to the wider international network.

You can find our previous organisational strategy here – TN Strategy 2014 – 2017

Annual Reports

Each of our Annual Reports covers a period from 1st April – 31st March.  

TN Annual Report 2018

Key activity mentioned in this report:

The Transition Network team’s development of collective and distributed decision-making, and agile collaboration, leading to our shift to shared governance from April 2018

  • A Transition Hubs gathering in Santorso, Italy, with an important step in the development of the Hubs Group as a self-determined and self-managing network
  • Supporting, in different ways, many national and multi-national Transition conferences and gatherings, including in the USA, South Korea, Hungary, Germany and Sweden
  • The continued influence of the Demain film in inspiring new activity, particularly in France and Belgium
  • Regional connecting events in England, bringing Transition groups together and sparking new connection and joint action
  • The Municipalities in Transition project, in partnership with the Transition Hubs:  six pilots in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and Hungary are testing a flexible draft framework for collaboration between civil society and municipalities, for sustainable systemic change
  • A world-wide survey of Transitioners, to inform our strategic review

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TN Annual Report 2016

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We seek ways to consult with Transition initiatives, Transition Hubs and/or the wider Transition movement, to help learn from across the movement and to help us act on feedback.  Recent consultations include the blog in Related Content and our Support offer framework linked below, and our strategic direction document, also linked below.

Support offer framework – feedback to network 2014

Consultation on strategy


As we develop organisational policies that we think will have wider interest, we will add them here.  

In November 2014 we developed a protocol which sets out the approach Transition Network will use when engaging with politicians and party political matters.  

Political Party engagement protocol TN

Transition Network Trustee Meetings

As a registered charity, Transition Network has Trustees.  Since April 2018, with staff, they are members of Transition Network’s Primary Circle. 

Minutes of recent meetings of the Trustees are here:   

13th February 2019 Trustee minutes 

23rd November 2018 Trustee minutes

25th May 2018 Trustee minutes

23rd February 2018 Trustee minutes 

1st December 2017 Board minutes

15th September 2017 Board minutes

29th June 2017 Board minutes

10th February 2017 Board minutes

18 November 2016 Board minutes

2nd Sept 2016 Board minutes

22nd July 2016 Board minutes

4th March 2016 Board minutes