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The way the Transition Movement changes the world is complex. It isn’t linear, nor without opposing forces. However, the sheer number of people taking action across the world, in multiple languages, and multiple ways makes transition a powerful agent of change.

“I see [Transition] as a wonderful combination of civic local engagement and a worldwide network.  In many towns throughout the world people get together, finding community, enthusiastic about the idea of together envisioning a future model for their town that will make it worth living in.”

Horst Köhler, former German president and former president of the IMF

Our Strengths

The activities and impacts of Transition vary widely from community to community. This is one of our greatest strengths. the Transition model has empowered people in over 40 countries to do what is best for their communities whilst also learning from one another.

Communities reported that the Transition model is particularly good at:

  • Taking practical action on local food systems.
  • Raising awareness of intersecting crises (ecological, social, economic).
  • Enhancing social cohesion and community spirit.
  • Sharing ecological principles and practices.
  • Building networks and coalitions.

What difference does it make?

A big one. For COP 2021 ve harvested 21 Stories of Transition and found that just those 21:

  • inspired 18,527 hours of volunteer input,
  • created 43 new social enterprises,
  • raised over £13,155,104.88 for investment in renewable energy,
  • saved 21 tonnes of food from landfill per year,
  • saved 1,352,277 miles of car travel,
  • worked with 350 school children leading to improvements in schoolwork and health.

And this is only 21 stories. There are more than 1000 groups on our global map alone and many run more than one project.

Catalysts of change

Transition Network works in service to this international movement. From our place within the movement, we encourage Transition to spread and evolve. We facilitate the sharing of inspiration and learning, identify common needs and exciting possibilities, and curate and develop tools, training and resources.  We cultivate peer-to-peer support and build capacity across the movement.

Deep Dive: Movement impact

In 2021 a large evaluation project was undertaken to understand the difference that the movement has made since its inception in 2005. This presentation summarises the evaluation project and shares key lessons and perspectives from across the international movement.

evaluation presentation by Liza

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