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Your support will help us help others. We support transition groups all over the globe and with your help they will reimagine and rebuild our world. The just transition towards a resilient, sustainable and equitable world requires all of us to contribute in one way or another. Donating to us on a regular basis, as a one-of or legacy gift, is one of the ways in which you can make a difference.

"I believe Transition is the most inspiring and hopeful movement happening in our world today. By contributing financially to Transition Network, I'm helping efforts towards a just a regenerative future to thrive and spread further, not just in my own local community but everywhere!"
Individual Donor

A regular donation allows us to plan with more confidence and contributes to our long-term objectives to support the Transition Movement across the world. If you would like a conversation about making a larger donation or for a specific purpose please contact Michael Addison.

Ways to donate

  • Consider making a legacy gift
  • Make a donation directly to our Voices of Transition project via our campaign page.
  • Make a regular or one-off donation in any currency via Open Collective.
  • Make a regular or one-off donation in £GBP using the form below. We can claim Gift Aid here if you are a UK taxpayer.

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