As the Transition movement spreads and evolves, many Transition groups are asking questions about the operation of their local economy.  Is the local economy making the most of the potential offered by the place where we live whilst taking care of it for the future?  Is the work that’s being done and what is being produced in our area helping to make our community happier and healthier?  How can we support enterprises and economic activity through which benefits are shared widely rather than enjoyed only by a few?

These questions often prompt action.  REconomy is the broad term we use to cover the range of activities that Transition groups undertake with a view to transforming their local economy.  

Increasingly Transition groups  are starting new enterprises, especially community owned energy companies and food businesses.  Others are developing local currency projects, setting up ‘buy local’ campaigns or working with local businesses in some other way.

As Transition groups develop their capacity and their relationships, they often identify more substantial changes that would build resilience and support wellbeing within their local economic system – for example, increasing the availability of land, space and support for entrepreneurs, helping existing businesses to change their models, and improving access to the right types of skills and investment.  Some Transition groups are then coming together with other partners to find ways to transform the local economic infrastructure.  They are part of a wider movement or networks, organisations and individuals who are creating and telling the story of new economies.

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If you are from the UK, click here and go straight to the UK REconomy website where you will find some great resources that talk in detail about starting or developing your project within the UK context.

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