List of resources

The personal resilience resources are organised in layers, following the structure of so called ‘seven roots of resilience’, named like that by psychiatrist Henry Emmons, each linked to practices that promote well-being, and that can improve an individual’s capacity to recover after a disturbance.  Three relate to the physical body; two relate to the mind and the emotions; and two relate to compassion and connection. You can find the resources relating to those three categories below. 

Types of documents include: 

Inquiries – longer explorations of several aspects of a topic.
Guides – shorter explorations of a few aspects of a topic; some include activities.
Intros – short introductions to a large topic, with a list of resources for more information.
Activities – directions for specific exercises, practices, or activities.  

Physical & Sensory

Biochemical Body.  Balancing brain chemistry (food, diet, supplements, medication)
Physical Energy in the Body.  Managing physical energy (activity, physical exercise).
Rhythmic Body.  Aligning with nature (sleep, rest, hormones, lifestyle, time in nature).  

Physical & Sensory resources

Mental & Emotional

Thinking Mind.  Calming the mind (thought, speech, mindfulness, presence).
Emotional Mind.  Skillfully facing emotions. (emotions, assumptions, story, re-centering)

Mental & Emotional resources

Compassion & Connection

Heart Capable of Love.  Cultivating a good heart (compassion, empathy, acceptance, kindness, gratitude, generosity).
Soul Capable of Unity.  Creating deep connections (connecting, belonging, faith that all will be well).  

Compassion & Connection resources