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Conflict Resilience – Principles, Practices & Resources

Tools to help our groups to thrive.

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Stories from the movement: Transition Toronto

Food Up Front, TreeMobile and more....

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We're really excited that the Essential Guide to Doing Transition has just been translated into Dutch - that’s 16 languages now!

First published in 2016, it remains a great guide to beginning the journey of doing extraordinary things where you live.


“When bad is all we can see, it drowns out what things could be. The best solutions not only address the #climatecrisis, but improve quality of life and bring us all together. This is the story that really needs to be told.”

@AmyScaife UrbanCommunity Experimenter & #HubRen mammy

@transitiontowns @TNLComFund We'd an amazing session with Amy yesterday... Such passion, creativity, fun and love. There were big shout outs to yourselves at @transitiontowns and the amazing recent conferences of @TransitionTog and #WhatIf, aswell as to local London @DoughnutEcon & @XRebellionUK groups. 🚲💚

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Are you feeling curious? Critical? Excited? Daunted? The Transition movement is made up of people like you who are already feeling the benefit of connecting with others to take care of themselves, their community and the planet. Let us help you take the next step.

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