Conflict Resilience – Principles, Practices & Resources

Tools to help our groups to thrive.

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Against a figurative background of green leaves and ferns are the words "From What Is To What If Podcast - Rob Hopkins in conversation with adrienne maree brown." Alongside the text is a photo of adrienne maree brown.


A Great Custodian of the Collective Imagination

Rob Hopkins in conversation with adrienne maree brown...

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πŸ“… Inter-Beingness on the 15th of March.
Join us for this session dedicated to regeneration and nourishment. 🌱

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Just watched this lovely short film and intergenerational conversation on intersectional environmentalism. Worthwhile joining @wbnofficial for, if you have not already πŸ’š

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Are you feeling curious? Critical? Excited? Daunted? The Transition movement is made up of people like you who are already feeling the benefit of connecting with others to take care of themselves, their community and the planet. Let us help you take the next step.

Find out more about our movement. Check out whether Transition is already happening near you. Consider starting a Transition group

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