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Doing Transition

We introduce a new way of introducing Open Space: as flight attendants!

In the news

Rob Hopkins reflects on the Chilcot Inquiry, and why, for solutions, we should look closer to home.

Inner Transition

Claire Milne shares her thoughts on Spring Cleaning our Transition groups.


Naresh Giangrande reflects on Shell's 'Powering Progress Together' event.

In the news

Let's make the Brexit a 'Progrexit' argues Rob Hopkins.

On renewal

Rob Hopkins turns a walk in the woods into a meditation on the New Economy.

From our Support Offer

TransitionLagunaBeach.Initiative Support Co-ordinator Mike Thomas on vision and why your group needs one.  "Visions are really the stories that we create for ourselves to help us build a more positive future" he begins...

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Blog: The EU wants to block Romania's 51% local food shift. Who cares?


Rob Hopkins introduces his latest blog, and why you should read it... 

Check it out here. 

Video: Celebrating the Tour de Tooting


Transition Town Tooting recently held their Tour de Tooting, a beautiful and brilliant celebration of the wheel in all its forms, and of creativity and community.  Check out their great video about it (above) ...

Read more on their website.


Naresh Giangrande on Shell's 'Powering Progress Together' event.


Naresh Giangrande attended an event in London, run by Shell, which asked "how could different types of collaboration across society create low carbon lives, communities and economies that can thrive in the future?"  

Read his reflections here. 

Activity of the Fortnight

Transition Chesterfield's Potato Day.  

Planning and putting on events: what are the keys to your Transition events being a success?  Been looking for a checklist to ensure your events run as smoothly as possible?  It's all gathered here in this selection from our Support Offer. 

Step-by-step guide here.

Podcast: 'Demain' arrives in London.


The French film 'Demain' ('Tomorrow') has been a phenomenon in France, seen now by over 1.3 million people.  But how will it go down in the UK? Naresh Giangrande asked people after the film's London premiere. 

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On the blog


18-30 and living in Bosnia and Herczegovina, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia or Slovenia? You need to know about August's Transition in Action II Youth Exchange.

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Inner Transition

Spring Clean 

Inner Transition Co-ordinator Claire Milne offers her advice on how to Spring clean your Transition group.

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Missing person: can you help?

Robert GibsonWe are all saddened to hear that Robert Gibson, a stalwart activist in Crystal Palace Transition Town and other projects in his community in London has gone missing.  As part of the push to find him, we're posting his picture here.  Please keep an eye out and let's get him home safe. 

Read more here.

Latest Transition Culture blog post

Amid all the mayhem and turmoil of recent weeks, here's a news story you may have missed.  The Romanian parliament unanimously passed an amendment to the country's "Law on the Sale of Food Products" bill which states that every large supermarket in the country must ensure that 51% of the fruit...