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From burnout to balance 28th - 30th Oct Forest of Dean

From Burnout to Balance: Co-creating cultures of collective and self-care; a new Transition residential workshop

Wild Food

Rob Hopkins comes across something rather delicious in a Devon forest...

On the road...

Rob Hopkins recently visited Wuppertal and Essen in Germany, seeing Transitions on various scales...

Snapshots from a week's travelling.


Rob Hopkins has recently been travelling, visiting Namur and Brussels in Belgium, Barcelona and Mallorca.  Check out his write-ups of each one...

Our new theme: 'From the Archive'

Bill Mollison RIP

We honour and mourn the passing of the co-founder of the Permaculture movement, Bill Mollison, who passed away on Saturday 24th September, with our blog from 2013 'Bill Mollison and one of my key ‘Doing Stuff’ moments'. 

Check it out here.

Activity of the Fortnight

Transition Chesterfield's Potato Day.  

Planning and putting on events: what are the keys to your Transition events being a success?  Been looking for a checklist to ensure your events run as smoothly as possible?  It's all gathered here in this selection from our Support Offer. 

Step-by-step guide here.

New REconomy Guides published


Two new REconomy guides have just been published: The UK REconomy Project's 'The Do-Ocracy Handbook: organisational types and legal structures', and Transition US's '25 Enterprises that build resilience'.  

Download the UK guide here, and the US one here

An Update on the Transitionese Project


Deborah, Sara and Pedro celebrate International Translations Day, and announce some of the practical outcomes of their work with languages and translations in the Transition Network. 

Read more here.

Book Review: 'Born on Third Base'

Chuck Collins

We review Chuck Collins' brilliant new book 'Born on Third Base'.

Read more here.

Latest Transition Culture blog post

Last night at Schumacher College, Shaun Chamberlin presented an event celebrating the life of Dr. David Fleming and the publication of his books Lean Logic: a dictionary for the future and how to survive it, and Surviving the Future: Culture, Carnival and Capital in the Aftermath of the...