hubs-group-1In 2013, people from the Transition Hubs in Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Latvia and the Netherlands joined forces with the UK to explore what REconomy might look like in their country. A year later the national hubs of Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Portugal and USA joined the project, in part informed by the experiences of the first group of hubs, but also forging new directions of their own. 

This blog gives you a flavour of how the Hubs worked together and what they learned from the process.  And here are two summary reports which explain how each Hub responded to their particular context and which contain some useful ideas and resources.  

2014 summary report  2015 summary report

The International REconomy Hubs Group continued to meet to inspire and support each other with their work and explore the potential for more structured collaboration.  New hubs have expressed an interest in getting involved.  In April 2017 the group was transformed into worldwide community of practice and named REconomy practitioners.

The group was mostly meeting online, but here’s a photo of a rare occasion when most of us were in the same location (and it was a car park in Copenhagen – but that’s another story).