group-exercise-launchOur trainings are designed to help you learn skills and find out what has and what hasn’t worked in Transition groups.

We have developed a range of trainings from our introductory “Transition Launch”, to “Transition Thrive” (for people already involved in Transition) through to a variety of more specialist trainings.


Our Training Model

Over recent years, we have built up a distributed international network of Transition trainers, all of whom can offer Transition launch and much more besides.

Our trainings are constantly evolving in response to changing contexts, current experience, emerging needs and opportunities and input from trainers around the world. This page explains the range of trainings available and provides contact details in case you would like to know more. You will see that Transition Launch is available online.

We do not have a fixed training programme, but work with Transitioners to put on trainings where and when they are most needed. As Trainings are organised we advertise them on this site as well as locally – keep an eye on the events box on the homepage.

Find out how your initiative can host a training here. If you want to explore possibilities with a Transition trainer from your part of the world, check the list here.

If you are interested in becoming a Transition Trainer, you need to attend our Train the Trainer course.

Want to know more about Transition? This video, focusing on our 2 day Transition Launch workshop, will give you a flavour of the training experience:

Our Trainings

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