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Transition Launch

Transition Launch

Our most popular course, Transition Launch teaches how to set up and run a community-based change initiative right where you live. Launch is ideal for those who are new to the Transition Movement and want to learn more about its holistic, grassroots approach to social, economic, and environmental transformation.

Topics typically covered include: making sense of our global context, harnessing the power of positive vision, forming effective groups, engaging your community through events and practical projects, cultivating partnerships and networks, and strengthening inner resilience.

Transition Talk Training

Learn how to communicate about Transition in a way that engages, informs, and inspires! Transition Talk Training provides you with everything you need to begin delivering dynamic presentations about the Transition Movement throughout your local community and beyond.

This includes a standard PowerPoint you can use and adapt as you wish, tips for effective public speaking, and opportunities to practice your delivery and receive feedback from your peers. Transition Talk Training will also help you hone your “elevator pitch”, attract speaking invitations, connect with diverse audiences, and respond skillfully to difficult questions.

Transition Thrive

Transition Thrive

Designed for more experienced changemakers, Transition Thrive can be thought of as the sequel to Transition Launch. While Launch focuses primarily on the first few steps of the Transition process, Thrive builds upon this foundation to suggest additional strategies for broadening, deepening, and scaling up initiatives over time.

Topics may include: strategic thinking, distributed governance, grassroots fundraising, reaching beyond the choir, local economic development, and avoiding burnout.

Inner Transition

Inner Transition

Inner Transition is an exploration of the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and cultural dimensions of change. By engaging in this work, we become healthier and more empowered individuals, as well as more skillful and compassionate leaders.

While there is currently no standard Inner Transition Training, many Transition Trainers and members of the international Inner Transition Circle offer related workshops on the psychology of change, shifting paradigms, cultivating mindfulness, finding purpose, working with trauma and grief, and unlocking our full human potential.

Effective Groups

Specifically created to support those working together in groups for social change, Effective Groups Training was originally developed by Nick Osborne and remains available through his nonprofit, Evolving Organisation.

There are also many other Transition Trainers who offer similar workshops on Sociocracy and Holacracy, collective decision-making, Nonviolent Communication, and transforming conflict. Because a group’s external success depends on its internal culture, learning how to work together more effectively may be the most important investment you can make in your initiative’s future.

Municipalities In Transition

What was formerly known as the Municipalities in Transition project has recently rebranded as KuneLab. Spearheaded by five members of our international Trainers Community of Practice, they have so far trained 15 different communities to use their Local Transformation Toolkit.

Their current mission is to confront “systemic problems with solutions based in systems thinking and process design.” Please contact KuneLab directly with inquires related to Municipalities in Transition Training.

Beautiful Reconomies

Beautiful Economies/REconomy

REconomy is a term that is used to refer to a wide variety of efforts related to local economic development.

Although the UK-based REconomy Project is not currently active, there are many Transition Trainers around the world that offer courses and workshops on creating local economic blueprints, social entrepreneurship, establishing local currencies and investment clubs, and supporting the growth of more equitable, sustainable, and beautiful local economies in general.

Resilient Food Systems

Resilient Food Systems

Growing more resilient local and regional food systems is another very important aspect of Transition. While there is no standard Resilient Food Systems Training, many Transition Trainers teach courses and workshops on related topics such as Permaculture Design, ecological gardening and farming, and eat local/grow local campaigns.

You may also request training in how to set up specific projects like permablitzes, gleaning programs, community gardens and food forests, and local and regional food distribution systems.