We often find that the most thriving Transition groups are paying as much attention to their culture, processes, structures and relationships as they are to their practical projects, activities and outputs.  And we know that individuals and groups risk burn-out or collapse if they don’t balance action, decision-making and activity with rest, reflection, connection and celebration (balancing being and doing).

Credit: James WoodThere is a rich and developing body of knowledge about what we call Inner Transition which can help individuals and groups to look after themselves well and to be much more effective catalysts for change. 

Inner Transition resources and teachings figure strongly in our Essential Guide to Doing Transition and are threaded through the seven essential ingredients.

You can find out more about the context and history of Inner Transition here.

Inner Transition covers a lot of territories – we encourage you to explore its themes (see button below), find out what speaks to you and your group, and gently experiment.  We’re in the process of developing and adding Inner Transition resources, so watch these spaces!