Elizabeta Zijlstra Jovanovska

What do you do?

My focus is to create a supportive environment for Transitioners to come together and collaborate on their collective efforts, build resilience, and drive transformative actions. As the Capacity Enhancer and the Lead Link of the Curating Transition Circle, I am dedicated to identifying, prioritizing, and creatively addressing the diverse needs of Transitioners within the global movement.

What do you find most surprising or delightful about working in the field of Transition?

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the field of Transition is witnessing the diversity of experiences, personal journeys, interests and aspirations among Transitioners, all while they work collaboratively towards regeneration, co-creation, fostering a sense of belonging, sharing knowledge and thriving, especially in the face of the complex challenges posed by the poly-crisis. I feel grateful to be able to support this transformative journey and to help nurture thriving and resilient communities.