Nicola Hillary

What do you do?

My main role is Fundraising:  I work with colleagues and partner organisations to develop funding proposals and report to funders.  I am the Municipalities in Transition Link:  liaising with the international Municipalities in Transition project team, and one of the co-guardians of the Municipalities in Transition community of practice.  The Municipalities in Transition project is piloting ways for Transition and similar community groups to collaborate innovatively with local government on systemic change for sustainability.  My other roles include being the Lead Link of our Strategy Framework circle, Feedback Loops and Trustee Compliance Link, helping our trustees meet their legal responsibilities.

What do you find most surprising or delightful about working in the field of Transition?  

I’m happy when we find the money for different ways to support, inspire or communicate about what Transition initiatives and Hubs are doing.   I’m in awe of the way people in Transition groups engage and enthuse other people, and in doing so, make remarkable things happen.