Regina Hostin

Blumenau em Transição, Brazil.  

Tell us about your Transition initiative in 20 words: Sharing knowledge in Inner Transition and trying to contribute with people that is in changes process.

What, or who, was your first encounter with Transition? In 2011 at Schumacher College, during Ecoliteracy Course I had a class about it. Since then, I never forget.

What do you love about Transition?  The possibility to understand that transition comes naturally in our moment in this world. It´s not possible to deny it.  The transition born with certain troublesome and continues within us until we act. And the realisation that I am not alone.

If there was one thing you would change about your journey through Transition, what would it be, and what would help you do it?  I wouldn´t change anything. Every step was important in the journey.

When you’re not doing Transition, what do you do? It’s impossible to separate Transition from the other things. It’s present in my life all the time.

What one piece of advice would you give someone new to Transition?  Believe! It is possible.